Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prove that you Pray 5 Times and get Marriage Financial Aid

In the Kingdom, often people look for a loan or financial aid for their or their children marriage. Marriages in the Kingdom are known to cost a lot of money.I personally believe that the marriage should be simple and less costly. Financial problems should not be the reason of late marriage. Late marriages are the root cause of many social problems of the society. The government in Saudi Arabia is always looking to help out its citizens in their time of need. The government had allotted a budget for financial aid for marriages of those who could not afford to get married. However the Ministry of Social Affairs has added a new stipulation which might or might not make many people eligible to get the financial aid.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has recently announced that all those applicants who wish to receive marriage financial aid, must bring with them an attestation from their Masjid imam, which must prove that they pray 5 times a day, every day. Mohammad Al Zahrani, who is the assistant director general for the social development at the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Eastern Province, stated that the Ministry has over 650 different charitable societies out of which 21 societies focus solely on marriage issues.The Assistant Director General also added that these marriage societies offer any and all kind of support and aid; however they are mostly approached with requests for financial aid.

To ensure that the men who are applying for the aid are of good character, the ministry has demanded attested letters to be attached with their applications.These attested letters are all vital for the application to be processed and usually include letters from the work place and neighbors. Although these letters were required to be submitted before a new addition has been made by the ministry, which is the letter from the imam of your mosque, and it must say that you pray there 5 times a day.

Most families in the Kingdom value good morals and religious values and practices. The ministry has also appointed numerous Imams in various mosques who are authorized to issue these attestations. The ministry also authenticates every document which has been submitted by the applicants.The assistant deputy general stated that all the applicants for the financial aid do not receive the aid. Special committees and boards have been set up whose sole purpose is to do background checks on the applicants and also verify all the paperwork and documents which have been submitted to the ministry. Even the imams are visited and interviewed by the officials of the committee and they determine whether the attestation is applicable or not.

The general director for the Al Ahsa Marriage Society, Adel Al Khoufi has stated that his organization does not reject applicants on the basis of the attested letter of the imam. He added that all Muslims in present time practice their own Islam. Most Muslims do not pray in the same Mosque in every prayer time and so these attested letters may be of little or no help to the applicant’s case of receiving financial aid. However, this financial aid is only available to Saudi Citizens.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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