Saturday, April 25, 2015

Recent Experience of Visiting Etimad Center Lahore

Zuhaib Khan: The Etimad setup is just another way for minting money of Public. The place in Lahore is located at a site where they have taken over the enterprise center. Probably, the guy making the most of this deal here. The facilities provided are abysmal. No parking facility, you can’t even enter from the main/front gate. The back door is reserved for all applicants and I don`t know why no one is complaining of that?! Nobody has enough self-respect to complain of better services, why?! The road leading to the back door is in a pathetic condition with jagged rocks and GUNDDA NULLA on sides! You are being shown your worth already when you get to the place. Mian sahib (Prime Minister) went straight to KSA without having to go through this ordeal. The road there needs some funds from the latest scheme of getting periphery roads fixed.

The attitude of the staff there is already as if they are better than the people coming there. Yes no doubt it’s probably 40% Labour and 40% people for Religious reason going there and yes not all are literate and may not mind the poor conditions but everyone has self-respect and right for better services especially when they are the ones paying for them! This is I fail to understand what? A private concern or something of the Saudi government? The fees fixed are like going to a private Hospital or a restaurant with charge`s for even asking a plain glass of water. They seem to think all there should be milked of Riyals in shape of Rupees as they are getting visa`s, no different a feeling than with commission agents, only difference is that the organization is benefiting here by itself.

A white bearded guy asked for PKR 50 for a computer print few weeks back at time of my Biometrics, when questioned why so much for a printout he gave wry smile "Sir app to ab Riyal kamain gay..." What professionalism from this organization!!! Today they told me to pay 15,000 if I don’t have appointment with me and they will process at the spot whereas if I book it would be at least 10 days. Surely enough, when I got home the time for Lahore appointment was running ahead by 2 weeks! Even the lounge appointment is not available for tomorrow. Even though it is available in all other cities for tomorrow the 9th April!!! The fees structure on the site for lounge services was stated under 11K so why was I being told to pay 14-15 there in the morning?

The website is very unhelpful as well. I went to apply for my kids visa but I can`t understand which to apply anyways I have made appointment for resident visa one from my understanding. Some parts of the site are incomplete with irrelevant information. Also the numbers provided for contact were engaged and then after 5 no one answered of course as the bell kept ringing, CHUTTI TIME :( Someone else also noted that they don’t have any complaint number. Obviously they don`t give a hoot if anyone has a complaint, same as all the process for Middle East. What hurts is that we don`t value our own people, what to expect from others.

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