Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Saudi Men and Pressure to Perform on Wedding Night

Imagine an 84 year old bedridden man has recently married his third wife, who happens to be 16 years old. He obviously feels he needs a little boost for his manhood, to enjoy married life. Viagra is no longer an option. So what can be done?This man is fortunate to be a Saudi citizen. He can conveniently get help with a penile prosthesis, which is inserted free of charge at government hospitals. If one doctor rejects him he can keep applying until he gets someone willing to operate on him. It does not matter what his age is, or the fact that he cannot walk. This is because Saudi medical ethics are great in these cases. They believe a man is entitled to have some fun. Even if that means only one limb works in his body.

The issue of erectile dysfunction is extremely sensitive and quite common. This may be due to many reasons such as; having multiple wives, lack of sexual education and arranged marriages. Many of these cases are newlywed men, who experience impotency on their honeymoon. This problem may be due to many reasons but the marriage comes under extreme pressure and this often leads to divorce. Impotence is a just cause for women to seek a divorce.Then there are the aged men looking for a fix for their dysfunction. They feel it is a social pressure to be virile. However this elderly trend is not specific to the Saudi Kingdom. The thing that makes it unique in Saudi is that many undergo the surgery despite severe health risks.

In the rest of the world, such a dangerous surgery would be deemed as being unethical due to the high risks involved and in some countries may be illegal. This specific surgery we are talking about is for young men to cure themselves of certain medical conditions. However in Saudi, the gentleman’s club attitude and lack of medical ethics allows those who are old of age but young at heart, to still have some fun.The culture in Saudi does not frown upon grandfathers or great grandfathers wanting to enjoy married life yet again. It is seen as a basic right. The same cannot be said about women, once they reach menopause.

Although the elderly man described in the story above is an extreme case, such cases do occur. Elderly men do not regard their own health, but still want to uphold an image that they are still virile. However cases like these happen all around the world. All men deserve to enjoy their married lives till their body allows them to. Artificially extending married life is exactly like artificially extending life, the days or time will increase, but the quality will surely decrease.

Doctors should also be more responsible in such cases, as their patients lives are their responsibility. Lastly I would like to just say one thing. YOU YOUNGSTERS BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN.

The above content was initially published on Blue Abaya

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