Sunday, April 5, 2015

Top 5 Ten-pin Bowling Clubs for Women in Riyadh

In Riyadh one of the hell fun opportunities is Ten-pin Bowling with friends and family. As we know there are very few entertainment opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia, so they should not leave any chance of enjoyment. Below, we have provided a list of Top 5 Ten-pin Bowling Clubs for Women in Riyadh;

  1. One of the famous places is Universal bowling center UBC. I visited that place with my family several times. UBC is on al-Ma'adhar Street with spacious family sections and plenty of lanes. The equipment at UBC is latest and trendy and it has games arcade for kids as well. I must say their phone and customer service is not that much fast as the inner systems of center. I called UBC in order to book lane for our desired time, no one picked my phone. Customer service of UBC is a bit slower but I got a call in return of my call thanks God. The customer service officer told me that there is no need of reservation in order to occupy lane for spending quality entertainment time there during daytime and early evening times. After isha prayer and weekends may have different situation as majority expats visit center at that time. The contact # of UBC is +966 505 269 788.Besides UBC there are so many other bowling centers in Riyadh for women especially for expats for Ten-pin Bowling.
  2. Intercontinental hotel at al-Ma'adhar St is also available for Ten-pin Bowling for women as well. Recently they have reopened lanes for women behind a wooden screen. It is a best place for expats and even for Arabian women to visit and spend quality time out of routine boring tasks. This bowling center is often used for bowling tournaments and matches conducted by several groups. Here reservation is necessary due to busy schedule of bowling center. The contact # of intercontinental hotel is +014 655000.
  3. Another best location for Ten-pin Bowling is The Ritz Carlton houses Strike Alley. A friend of mine told me about it but this center has specific days for women i.e. Saturday and Tuesday. Anyhow it is one of the best bowling centers to visit to enjoy your favorite bowling game. The contact # is +966 1 802 8020.
  4. Al Khozarma Hotel is a small bowling center with 4 lanes only but it is also open for women. It is best for group games in order to enjoy your privacy. The contact number for reservations is +966 11 465 8576.
  5. Marina Mall is another bowling location in Riyadh with small, seven lane alley along with the food court but it is not open for women. Although there are many bowling centers for women in Riyadh, but they have to dress up properly. Abayas are still must to wear in order to visit these places. You may face issue in enjoying your game while wearing a over garment, to swing your arm and to follow your leg direction in order to throw ball in your desired way. Well this issue can be resolved by practicing it off and on during evening times as all bowling centers are closed till 4 pm.
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