Friday, April 24, 2015

Top Reasons to Visit GOA, India

India, a place of contrasting charms, that everyone fancies. The beautiful landscape of the north, the sunny beaches in the south, the Taj Mahal and the exotic food is what really sets this country apart from others. However today we will talk about the place to be in India. Goa, the go to place in India, is famous for vacations and partying. But what makes it so vital that you visit this destination?Even though Goa has a very limited population and geographical features, the place is filled with beautiful spots. Here one can find mountains, jungles, rivers and the famous beaches, which is really the only reason why anyone goes to Goa.

While the majority of India traces their influence back to their British rulers, Goa traces their roots back to the previous Portuguese rulers. This is evident in the city of Margao which is full of world heritage architecture and the cultural influence of the era. The church of the Immaculate Conception are testament, to the centuries that goa was a Portuguese colony.The nightlife is the most famous thing about this place after its beaches. Dance clubs and bars are located all over the place. The friendly locals also make it easier to feel just at home. Goa trance parties attract visitors all year round from all over the world. It is reported that every year upwards of 4 million tourists visit the popular destination, with 2.8 million people being foreigners, especially Britons, who want to party within limited means.

Due to the popular nightlife, there has been an influx of narcotics in the area. Ecstasy is a popular choice of drug for the goa trance parties mentioned above. Weed or hashish is also consumed by most of the tourists. However Goa police and the Indian Government have been cracking down on narcotic dealers and smugglers and narcotics use has reportedly gone down in the area.For the foodie in all of us, goa is blessed with a natural diversity; they are famous for their freshly caught seafood and many other dishes such as coconut milk, rice and local spices. The Portuguese were the ones who introduced goa to spices, which instantly became very popular in the area’s locals.

Let’s get to the best part, the beaches. Those who want an escape from the icy winters of the north can go to Goa’s beaches which are home to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Many resorts and hotels are present in the area due to the extremely high number of tourists that come to the area. These accommodations can be five star hotels, chalets or motels. You can find accommodation in your budget in goa for sure. Many travel packages offer already booked accommodation too.

Indian visa has been made easy recently and it is called e-tourist visa which one can get just 4 days before travelling and it is online. Recently India allowed more than 60 countries to avail these facilities. Access to Goa has been restricted to the citizens of their neighboring country, Pakistan, who have to apply for a visa for every city they intend to visit, except for Goa. 

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