Saturday, April 4, 2015

Turkish Man Fined for saying “I don’t Love You”

“I Love You”. Every individual on the planet knows how important these words are to their significant others. It can instantly end any quarrel, or immediately cheer up someone if they are feeling upset. The utterance of these words is usually the beginning of married life for many people around the world. However just one additional word can alter the meaning of the phrase and the purpose it serves of bringing joy to the other person. If someone says “I don’t love you” to someone else it is usually the end of their relationship. It may even end up turning into a nasty feud which may remain private between the two or may become public, for everyone to see.

Something like the latter account has recently become public knowledge. A man from Turkey was reportedly fined sometime earlier this week after he openly declared his unhappiness with his wife by telling her that he does not love her. As reported by the Daily Sabah, in a historical case, the Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that saying “I don’t love you” to your significant other is equivalent to emotional violence.The reported couple has had a rather messy and a lengthy court case. They have been seeking compensation from each other over the insults that they have faced at the hands of each other. It is reported that insults were a common occurrence during their clashes, which in fact were also common occurrence throughout their marriage.

Previously a lower court in Turkey had ruled that the wife was guilty, for refusing to monetarily compensate her husband for all the insults she had thrown towards him. However, the Supreme Court of Appeals had considered the claims that saying “I don’t love you” to the wife had left her “emotionally wrecked”. The husband has claimed that his wife had constantly cursed him throughout their marriage.This Supreme Court ruling comes following a brutal death of a female student in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey. After the death, authorities have been dedicated at tracking violence against women throughout the country and possibly stopping violence before it turns into attacks.

The psychological or emotional violence is harder to prove in the court of law, compared to physical violence. However offences registered against you can possibly carry a prison term for up to three years.Being a man I am pretty confused at the fact that the phrase “I don’t love you” has become illegal. How am I or any other man supposed to express the fact to our significant others, without using the now illegal phrase. The usual phrase would normally be “I don’t love you, anymore” or “I have stopped loving you” but now that this is illegal, I wonder am I even allowed to express my discontent at all. Although I believe that all couples need to work on their faults till all options are exhausted, I also believe that they should be openly truthful to one another.

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