Sunday, April 12, 2015

What is the meaning of term “WASTA”?

Are you new in Saudi Arabia? Do you get confused with the word Wasta often? There might be many occasion when someone may have asked you ayndakwasta and you felt blank? Let me tell you ‘Wasta” is the term used for a person with a chain of contacts and has strong influence over high profile people in Saudi Arabia. Simply speaking it is a person who belongs to high class with bulk of contacts and influential acquaints. That person can be your friend, your relative, your business partner or even just a well-wisher. The simple logic is if you are having a Wasta in Saudi Arabia life is soothing for you. You can just get rid of all your worries by just a phone call of your Wasta.

You can get your desired business tender, you can get your desired job or you can simply save your money and time for anything by using contacts of your Wasta. Wasta is also used for Vitamin W but in Saudi Arabia it is the famous term used for a person who has access to VIP’s of himself a VIP. It is a common practice here in Saudi Arabia that people are placed in high profile companies and industries with poor work record and don’t fulfill merit criteria just because they are referred by their Wasta. This is one of the prevalent reasons in Saudi Arabia which causes demotivation factor among workers in companies.

People with stronger Wasta have no fear to get terminated or job evaluation and those who lack it have to take over work burden. It is second form of a genie in bottle which could fulfill your three wishes in case you would have found him, but it is more advance in my perception as it can get more than three or even thirty tasks done for you.

In some cases Wasta can act like a ladder for you, other way it can destroy your peace totally. If you have found yourself in a situation where you are facing a Wasta or any person having his Wasta’s support, you should keep in mind that you can’t beat that person down. Wasta has much significance here in Saudi Arabia. Normally such persons belong to a high profile family. Wasta is an irritating term for expats here as majority of them do not have contacts with such influential persons.

They come and survive here on the basis of merit and their hard work, in such scenario they feel in helpless situation when a person with high profile contacts challenge their position on work place of society. It is the root of corruption in the country and has promoted poor work quality. It works even better than huge capital or bank balance. If you want to live a happy and calm life in Saudi Arabia you better strive to get one or more such contacts. Even if you get one, you can get you matters resolved just in minutes.

The above content was initially published on Blue Abaya

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