Monday, April 6, 2015

5 Businesses where expatriates can legally invest in Saudi Arabia

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia can save a good amount of money from their salaries and remit to their countries. Most of the Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia have good amount of savings but they do not invest it in Saudi Arabia and prefer to remit the money to their countries. One of the reasons of not investing the money in Saudi Arabia is the ignorance of legal investment opportunities for expatriates. Yes, you can invest your hard earned money in Saudi Arabia and get benefited from the stable economy. Today, we shall be educating our readers about the legal investment opportunities for expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
If you want to invest money in full fledge business as an expatriate, the investment through SAGIA is the best option for you.  The capital requirements for businesses vary from industry to industry. SR 1 million for industrial licenses, SR500,000 for service licenses, project value of not less than SR30 million for real estate, and a capital of not less than SR25 million for agri-business investments is required in order to get license from SAGIA. Some people invest the money on the name of Saudi national and start business in Saudi Arabia. This is illegal and Saudi national can throw you out of the business at any time as everything is legally owned by him. We have explained it in detail in this link “Starting Business in Saudi Arabia (SAGIA)

Investment in Property
The investment option available for the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia is the investment in property. You must have heard that the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia cannot buy property here. Well, the answer is not simple “YES” or “NO”. Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia can buy property here only under certain conditions. Well, this can be a good investment opportunity for expatriates as they don’t have to pay for the rent of the house they are living in. They can buy their own flat. Read more about it in this link “Can expatriates own property in Saudi Arabia?

Trading in Foreign Exchange
You can easily open a foreign currency trading account with one of the approved brokers and start trading with it. You can start from the beginning level by making a small amount of investment. Just start trading with a little amount and invest more gradually. They will give you a software through which you can buy and sell foreign currencies easily. One of my colleagues is doing this business.

Investment in Stocks and Shares (TADAWUL)
You can also open an account in Saudi Stock Exchange and start trading in stocks and shares. Again, there is a misconception that expatriates cannot invest in Saudi Stock Exchange which is completely wrong. However, in order to open account with Saudi Stock Exchange, you must have a valid bank account. There is a procedure which you need to adopt to open bank account with Saudi Stock Exchange and we shall be providing the procedure later on. It is important to mention here that the validity of the Saudi stock exchange account is the same as the validity of your Iqama. You need to provide them copy of your renewed Iqama every year. You can play with stocks and multiply your earnings by investing in Saudi Stock Exchange.

Fixed Term Deposits in Banks
Another investment opportunity for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia is to make a fixed term deposit in any bank account. There are many banks including SAMBA Bank which is providing this kind of option to its customers. However, they don’t offer long term deposits to expatriates. The fixed term deposits offered to expatriates are from 7 days to 24 months. You should invest for 24 months only if your Iqama is valid up to that period. Rates offered by the banks are very low for the fixed term deposit but still it is an investment opportunity for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

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