Monday, April 6, 2015

Where to buy Gold in Jeddah?

Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom blessed with luxuries like gold and petrol. Jeddah is a city of Saudi Arabia is also rich with gold. And gold jewellery is easily found everywhere in Saudi Arabia. People wear gold commonly in Saudi Arabia. Women anywhere in the world love to wear jewellery weather it may be a small piece of ring whatever price it is. And when the jewellery is made of gold it’s like a women’s own treasure. Last year during hajj, the gold prices brisk low, increasing the business of gold markets in Jeddah. After the completion of Hajj large numbers of pilgrims were found flocking toward Jeddah gold markets. Sales were at its peak during that season since large numbers of pilgrims buy valuable gold jewellery as gifts for their loved ones back home. Kandra and Jeddah downtown gold markets were benefited from this fall in gold prices.

Gold Markets in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Yamama gold market is a great place to buy gold in Jeddah. My wife loves to buy Gold from this place. You can find all kind of designs there. You can find sales representative with adequate English speaking ability in almost every shop.

  • Numerous gold shops are available in Jeddah. Musalli& raises jewellery shops are widely available in Jeddah mall, Al Najr international Souk and Syrian Souk.
  • Good quality gold can be bought in Balad (downtown area). A wide range of jewellery is found and at reasonable cost. It’s a crowded and oldest market of Jeddah. Lots of old building and traditional cuisine is found there.
  • Gold shops are also found in Hera mall and Hijaz mall.
  • Al Sagha souk in Jeddah has lots of gold shops located there too. To get the best deal of gold jewellery in the gold store, remember to negotiate as much as possible.

  • Mouawad, a luxury jeweller and watchmaker, opened its first store in Jeddah, Jameel square. They offer latest and unique design difficult to find elsewhere. Mouawad is a celebrity brand, celebrities from Middle East as well as internationally wear Mouawad jewellery.
  • Atlas jewellery is a brand of gold jewellery of India. Wide range of modern and traditional jewellery is sold at this brand. Atlas jewellery is found in Jeddah in Al Balad Souk.

  • L’azurde a leading brand of jewellery has stores all over the Kingdom. Its stores are found in Heera international mall and Red sea mall. Piaget boutique in Jameel square in Jeddah provides great jewellery in Jeddah. It has a wide variety of international designs of jewellery.  Souqbawadi also is a great place to shop for gold.

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