Monday, April 6, 2015

10 Places to buy Gold in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country of rich people. The blessed land of Saudi Arabia has lots of gold reserves and is among the world largest petroleum producer. However last year the president of Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) also said that a treasure of diamond might also be found in the Kingdom. Since 2010 the SGS has announced the discovery of 6 Gold and 2 copper deposits. Gold shops are found in abundance throughout the Kingdom. And the gold jewellery found in Saudi Arabia is refined and made from best quality gold therefore have great resale value.  A karat is a unit to measure purities present in gold alloy. The higher the karat, more pure the gold will be. Since gold is too soft to mould there it is mixed with different metals and forms an alloy. There are different karats of gold present. Such as 6kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt and 24kt, highest percentage of gold is present in 24kt.

Gold Markets in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  1. There are many other gold shops available in Riyadh. The shops mentioned below are few of them. Buying gold jewelry can be a tricky thing. It requires good bargain to attain the best price of the jewelry.
  2. Riyadh has lots of gold shops. Some gold shops can also be found in Baatha, they have cheaper gold than any other place. But the designs are of limited range.
  3. Gold shops are also found in numerous malls of Riyadh but there gold jewelry are comparatively expensive than the gold shops in Gold Markets. Since the people owning shops in malls have to pay higher rents and to pay that they need to earn from selling their gold jewelry.
  4. Taiba Market is a great place to shop gold jewelry. . Numerous varieties of shops are available at Taiba Market. It has variety of exquisite jewelry and at affordable rates.
  5. Gold shops are also available in Andalus Mall.
  6. Al Tameer commercial center in Ad-Deerah Riyadh has lots of gold stores that sell gold in the center.
  7. Number of gold shops is also present in Souk Saweka. Old and new every type of gold jewelry I found there.
  8. Al Romaizan is a jewelry brand as well it provides a wide variety of beautiful jewelry. Lots of branches of this brand are present all over Saudi Arabia.
  9. L’azurde signature name, is among one of the leading brands of jewelry is well known for its beautiful designs in gold and diamond jewelry. With more than 30 years of experience, L’azurde has excelled in the art of jewelry design. They sell expensive jewelry comparatively but provide the most unique and exquisite collection for all types of events. They have beautiful bridal collection as well. L’azurde branches are available in Olaya store, Andalus mall, Sahara mall and many other places.
  10. Joyalukkas and Malabar are two leading brands on Indian gold and diamond jewelry. There branches are easily found in Riyadh Avenue mall. Traditional Indian style jewelry can be easily bought from Joyalukkas and Malabar.
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