Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who are the real violators of Saudi Labor and Residency Law? Employees or Employers?

With passing time and increasing competition for jobs and employment, the issue of illegal people living in Saudi Arabia is a hot topic now days. Director General of Passports, Major General Sulaiman Al Yahya declared last week that such illegal individuals will be tracked and cracked very soon to eliminate them. One of the newspapers stated that about 10,000 individuals were deported earlier this year because of this fact. Companies are seeking help to track down such violators and erase them from the country. The news clears it that such individuals are regarded as criminals and it is really important to get rid of them.

For making points and numbers, media discussed this issue like hot fire. But that’s the role of media to bring in light what is not said and discussed.  The other side of the story is that these “illegal expatriates” are not to be blamed few of the times because they are victim to greedy people. They are blue collared people, called in the Kingdom but not offered proper jobs.  Many of them don’t even have Iqamas processed. Few of them are paying ransom amounts for living in the Kingdom to their sponsors.

One example is of a sponsor whose 80 workers died, caught and deported. They didn’t even get a chance to collect their belongings. They were just sent directly to the deportation center. There are many such horror stories and because of such heartless people the country’s reputation is affected. At one instance there was a lady suffering from cancer and admitted in hospital. She was said to run away from her sponsor but to save her from deportation some kind hearted Saudis gathered money (SR 30,000) to pay the Kafeel and renew her permit.

It is our sole duty to be honest with our country and look upon our lackings and short comings. We are responsible for the security and prosperity of this Kingdom. The “kafala system” needs to be modified. Proper setup should be taken by keeping a record, maintaining lists, collecting finger prints and straining those sponsors who can’t pay salaries for those expatriates. There should be government supervision and not left only on the sponsors. We all do and we should support our governing bodies to help protect the Kingdom of illegal expatriates and make sure they are legally living here.

We would like to appeal to a kind man Prince Muhammad Bin Naif who is Second Deputy Premier and in the Minister of Interior to look into this matter and refresh and review the laws for this matter and to be lenient and kind for the victims.  Also media should expose such faces, who illegally call these expatriates over here and leave them helpless after that, in order to save Saudi Arabia’s name an image.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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