Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why did I choose Tonga as my Honeymoon Destination?

Why did I choose Tonga for my honeymoon destination? I love to travel, especially to discover new places. I tend to stay away from the tourist cliché countries. This way I get to have a more authentic experience of the local culture and the nature is not as spoilt as mass tourist countries. I usually end up discovering an uninhabited island or just gaze at the local population smiling at the sight of a foreigner. The Kingdom of Tonga fits perfectly into this description, as it is yet to be ruined by mass tourism and the culture is very vibrant. This makes up the perfect honeymoon for those who desire total privacy. Although, this place has no five star hotels, there are plenty of chalets on some of the most breathtaking beaches on earth.

Another attraction of Tonga is to see the humpback whales that arrive in this area during a certain time of the year to give birth. Mother humpback whales can be easily viewed playing in the shallow waters or nursing their young ones. Presently Tonga is the only place in the world, where it’s permitted to snorkel and swim with whales, IF you are lucky enough to get close to them.Humpback whales are often spotted coming up out of the ocean which results in large splashes. The male whales also have the ability to sing beautiful songs, which I learnt when we went snorkeling. This was truly a magical experience.

The island that I decided to stay on was named Mounu Island. It was an extremely secluded and romantic place. The journey however was extremely long as it took us about 2 days to reach our chalet from Riyadh! We were given the traditional Tongan chalet with a private beach. During our stay at quite a few times we were the only people on the island, which is owned by the resort. We fell asleep listening to waves and woke up to the sound of birds singing. The days went by quickly while we snorkeled, kayaked, read books and took walks on the beach.

We went on a couple of boat trips and searched for whales to swim with. It was amazing how many whales we encountered in a short time. They however did not mind the people or the boat and our tour operators were also mindful of the whales. We got to swim next to a couple of whales and a calf and realized how extremely huge they are. Even their slightest movement would send a strong gush of water towards me, which shows that although they are huge, they are also graceful.

I will genuinely never ever forget my trip to Tonga. It has been the best vacation/honeymoon of my life. Just the experience of the beautiful beaches, clear waters, the ever so friendly locals and the truly amazing whales has left me beyond speechless and I would not mind coming back here for a second honeymoon. After all it’s just a fancy name for taking a vacation.

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