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Top 10 Weakest Passports of the World - 2017

The political situation around the globe impact countries in many different ways. Countries which have strong economic and political standouts, rule more powerfully and the same way, the countries with weak political position have fewer value for their passports. Countries around the globe try to keep good terms with those states which have stable economic, political and social position. The same way least powerful countries enjoy less perks and benefits and their residents are considered least acceptable residents of world. The passport is the identity of a country and its power varies with position of respective country in world economy. There are various countries in world which have lowest power rate in regard of their passports.

The index ranked 199 countries according to the travel freedom each offers its citizens out of a possible 218 countries, using data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). According to the index, the IATA holds the largest database of travel information. Nationalities were awarded points based on the number of other countries their citizens could travel to without a visa, as of January 01, 2016. List of top 10 passports which are considered as least powerful in world are as follows;
  1. Afghanistan has the weakest passport of the world with authorization to travel to only 25 countries in the world without visa or with on arrival visa.
  2. At second rank of least powerful passport of the world, Pakistan stands with visit admissibility in 29 countries without visa procedure for its residents. Recommended: List of Countries with Visa Free Access on Pakistani Passport
  3. The third least powerful passport belongs to Iraq. Iraqi passport holders can visit only 30 countries without visa.
  4. The fourth least powerful countries in regard of passport and free visa availability is Somalia. Somalian passport holders are eligible to visit only 31 countries of the world without needs of any diplomatic procedure. The ranking of Somalian passport has improved since last year.
  5. The fifth least powerful passports belong to Syria. The passport holders of Palestine are capable of free entry and exit to 32 countries without any visa issue.
  6. The sixth in the list of least powerful passport of the world is Libya. Its citizens can easily enjoy trips to only 36 countries around the globe without any legal requirement and visa formality
  7. The countries which stand in the list of seventh least powerful state in regard of its passport are Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, Palestine and Sudan. Citizens of these 6 countries can visit 37 countries of the world.
  8. The 8th rank of least powerful passports of the world belong Kosovo, South Sudan and Yemen with visa free entry to 38 countries.
  9. The 9th least powerful passports of world’s countries relates to BangladeshSri Lanka, Lebanon and Congo. The holders of these passport can enjoy free entry and exit opportunities to only 39 countries of the world.
  10. The top 10th powerful passport is the property of Burundi, Myanmar and North Korea which facilitate its citizen to travel freely to 43 countries of the world without ant visa requirements.
Afghanistan stands at the rank 1st among list of least powerful passports of the world. It has suffered a lot after the incident of 9/11. War for continuous 15 years has turned its position to worst patch. Pakistan and Iraq have been facing same issues which dragged it towards the 2nd and 3rd least powerful country in regard of its passport.  

Rank of Saudi Passport is 69th in the world with visa free access to 69 countries and the rank of Indian passport is 85th with visa free access to 52 countries. Philippines passport ranks at no. 76 with visa free access to 61 countries.

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