Saturday, May 23, 2015

7 Type of Guys found on Matrimonial Websites

Unlike old days, now young generation try to find their match instead of relying on arranged marriage setup, they consider it a better way to find a compatible partner instead of getting engaged with a person whom they don’t even know. There are several online websites for the matrimonial purpose. Girls may find many different type of guys here; I mean you can find any type of a guy here on Matrimonial websites. But the most commonly types are;

7 Type of Guys found on Matrimonial Websites
  1. Mama’s Boy: Some parents are way desperate than sons to get a daughter in law. They make profile of their son and sometimes check it without letting him know. In such scenario the guy is unaware of his presence on Matrimonial websites.
  2. Flatter stuff: Matrimonial website is a good source for flatter guys to get their time pass on the promise of a future relationship. In reality they expect to get a baby doll instead of wife.
  3. Fake Profiles: You can find guys with lots of future bright opportunities for girls. If you scroll their profile you may find that the guy is a millionaire or even billionaire. He has sport cars, branded watches, villas in world most expensive islands. Yet he has got no partner in his social circle and look for the one on social network. Strange!!!
  4. Friendship Hunters: It is not necessary that such guy would only be pretending to be settled or showing fake profile regarding his career. It may be possible that he is a growing businessman or settled officer, yet he hunts for friendship only. His profile shows this fact very clearly and unfortunately he gets no response from pretty Barbie dolls.
  5. Trying to show off his success: This type of guys are easy to detect on matrimonial websites. They enjoy to talk about their salary packages, their position in office, and their bossy attitude and dress up as if they are choosing costume for their wedding and ask you for help to choose the one. They may work as simple HR officer but would never miss a chance to show that how influential they are.
  6. Looking for a Wife cum maid guys: This kind of guys actually need a housemaid or cook instead of wife. They may have an empire of business, a heavy bank balance or sound financial position yet they want housekeeper in the form of wife. These guys are just sick creatures on earth who consider wives a multi-tasking maid. That’s it!!
  7. The Melodrama: He may be so proud of being son of a President of some council or ministry or chamber. He may try to convince public how he or some of his relative got protocol from state or some influential authorities. Simply stating a show off piece he may be!! Here are some good guys too at Matrimonial websites but it is up to you girls whom you would choose. Good luck!

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