Friday, May 22, 2015

All Yemenis can legalize their Iqama Status – Royal Order

A great relief to the expatriates belonging from Yemen in the Kingdom, King Salman Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has directed the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, who is also the deputy premier and the minister of interior, to take all necessary measures to alter and correct the residence status of all such Yemeni Expatriates and also legalize their stay in the Kingdom. Those Yemeni expatriates that are living illegally within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prior to the 9th of April will be given a chance to amend their status of residence under the Royal Order. According to the statement that was issued by the Royal Court, the King’s new move has followed a request that was made by the legitimate government of Yemen, which is led by their President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, in hopes and efforts to resolve, support and alleviate all the problems faced by Yemeni people.

The Yemeni people shall be allowed and granted a six month visit visa that can very well be extended upon receiving their travel documents from the legitimate government of their country. The Yemeni people will be allowed to work according to the regulations that have been set by the competent, legal and legitimate authorities in their country.The head of the Supreme council of the Yemeni community, Mehdi Hatem Al Nahari thanked the King for his gracious and kind gesture towards the people of Yemen during their hour of crisis and need. He added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its citizens have always been there to support their Yemeni brothers,  also adding that Yemeni people have always felt right at home in Saudi Arabia.

The country of Yemen has been facing many problems since 2011 and Ali Abdullah Saleh has made it even worse by creating tensions at the Saudi Yemen borders. However he adds that the Kingdom has always been there to help and support the people of Yemen. He has also added that the Yemeni community is extremely grateful and thankful to the King of Saudi Arabia and its people.

YonesNidam bin Abdat, another Yemeni national has thanked the King for his wise decision on his behalf and also on the behalf on his family members. He states that the order by the King really shows how much King Salman and the citizens of Saudi Arabia care and love for the Yemeni people. Abdat added that the Yemeni people know that the Houthi rebels will never be successful in their plans on taking over Yemen and that stability and peace will once again return to Yemen which will allow the country ton rise again.

Like all Yemeni expatriates in the Kingdom, Ali Al Qubaisi has also expressed great joy and relief at the order of the King to legalize all Yemeni expatriates working in the Kingdom. He added that the people of Yemen were amongst the earliest expats to come to the Kingdom in search of work and have participated in the development of the Kingdom.

Source: Arab News

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