Saturday, May 30, 2015

Average woman in KSA spends over SR 12,000 on cosmetics per year

Cosmetic is the most essential part of modern women. Irrespective of nationalities and religions, women of all regions are too much interested in natural and artificial ways to enhance their beauty levels. The cosmetic companies have been earning huge sum for their operations. Especially cosmetic products which offer reduction of aging affects and weight loss are great in demand. Saudi Arabia is among those countries where millions of dollars are spent over cosmetic stuff by women. According to estimation made by international experts current year Saudi Arabia has shown increase in purchase of cosmetic products by 17 % than previous one. The estimate made by experts last year was SR 30 billion for the consumption of perfumes and cosmetic including aging reduction and weight loss products. This year the estimate has shown an increase by SR 5 billion and currently SR35 billion have been spent on such products.

The factors for this increase in cosmetic products are discussed at 12th Dermatology Conference. The experts held this conference at Saudi German hospital which stated that on individual basis a Saudi woman spends about SR 12,000 annually for consumption of cosmetic and related stuff.  Dr. Jamal Hashim headed the conference of dermatologists at Saudi German hospital. He mentioned that consumption of perfumes and cosmetic stuff have shown boom in middle east and Saudi Arabia is at the top of the list in this regard. The experts at conference mentioned that Saudi Arabia has shown development in cosmetic market and this boom is expected to get even higher in coming 10 years. It is expected that in coming decade it will become one of the most gigantic market for cosmetic and related items.

Dr.Hashim said that he is satisfied to see developments made by dermatologist and results are satisfactory. He also paid gratitude to professors across Arab region for their participation in conference which opened up doors of exposure for young doctors. Numerous pharmaceutical companies participated in conference through their most experienced professors and pharmacists. These companies discussed modern and most effective ways to deal with dermatology diseases with latest and cheaper ways. Saudi Ozone Company is one of them which have introduced ozone treatment for beauty enhancement and for resolution of dermatology issues.

Dr. Ali Al-Raddadi attended the opening of dermatology conference as representative of Saudi society of Dermatologists. The head of dermatology Dr. Mustafa Abu Zaid at Al-Azhar University and various other famous dermatologist and professors attended the conference and presented their experienced opinion for advancement of treatment of skin diseases and problems.

In case the ratio of cosmetic consumption will be increasing at the same rate, soon Saudi Arabia will be in the queue of countries where make up stuff is even considered more precious than basic necessities of life. This factor is good at one side as people are grooming up but it may also increase inflation and taxation burden by decrease in progress of economy.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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