Saturday, May 23, 2015

Aviation Security Officer dies after falling down from a Helicopter

A sad incident happened at the international Day of Civil Defense in Riyadh where the celebration ceremony was carried on. The aviation authority took strict measures in order to secure the presence of VIP’s in city. The event was held under the honor of Governor of Riyadh, Prince Khalid Bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz. The prince was present in event with his Deputy and the aviation authority took all precautionary measures of security.

While making a security check through helicopter, suddenly a security member of aviation authority from helicopter fell down and hit the ground. It was something quiet unexpected and people could not even analyze the situation what was going on. At first it was taken as a stunt at big day but later on security authorities rushed toward him and took him to the hospital. Doctors tried their hard to rescue him but the efforts went useless and he lost his life.

The incident dragged everyone present there into a shocking situation and His Royal Highness Prince Khalid immediately appointed the committee for investigation of sad incident. Such a heartbreaking incident at the big day of Kingdom brought restlessness among citizens and the dramatic death of security member caused insecurity among other security officials.

At the first stance, the death seems an incident that the security officer could not maintain his balance in helicopter and dropped down which led towards his death. There may be possibility of any other factors which may have caused the incident to happen or it is also suspected that it could be a murder too. The investigation team has started proceedings and the results would clear the actual picture during coming days. May his soul rest in peace! Amen!

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