Friday, May 22, 2015

Benefits of keeping Sliced Onions under your Feet

The bottom or the sole of your feet are very direct and powerful points to the internal organs of your body. This is possible by what is known as meridians in Chinese medicine. These so called meridians are pathways to each of the organs in your body.These meridians are basically, extremely powerful circuits which exist within the body and are often asleep or dormant, due to the lack of walking we do bare footed, or the lack of acupuncture in our society which does not activate these circuits. To activate these circuits it is best to walk bare feet on grass. Yes, now you understand why it feels so nice to walk on the grass bare footed. For those of you who have never tried walking on grass without shoes on, you definitely are missing out.Another extremely cool way to revive or open up these circuits is to cut up garlic or onion and place it under your feet when you sleep. This will help purify your body and your organs and also provide other health benefits. If you are wondering how to go about this process, below you will find 2 easy steps in which you can do this procedure, and bring great benefits to your health and well-being.

STEP 1: The first step would obviously be to slice off your choice of garlic or onion, in our case we have decided to cut up the onion as it smells lesser than the garlic. You can slice both red and white onions but it is best if you pick the organic onion rather than the other one as it has greater benefits and lesser chemicals. Just cut your onion into fat slices, and cut enough to immerse your feet while you sleep.

STEP 2: As you are going to sleep, place the onion slices under your feet and cover with socks (preferably old worn out ones). This will allow the onion’s healing powers to start working their way through your skin to different organs of your body and purifying them. These onions will also help clear the air around you, as this is also one of the mystical powers of the onion.

During the time of the plague, in England people used to place sliced up onions in their houses and rooms, to prevent the disease from entering their homes and infecting them.The benefits which you would receive from the onions are;
·         Purification of your blood from toxins. This is done b y the phosphoric acid which is found in the onions.

·         The onions kill all the germs, bacteria and other pathogens on your feet, in your skin and in the air around you.
·         It will help purify the air around you from chemicals and other toxins which might hinder our breathing. This will also allow you to have an increased sense of smell and also removes feet odor if you experience it.

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