Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bill Gates wrote a Letter to Steve – A Great Honor

Bill Gates has become known as a wealthy man with very minimal tastes. If you ask him about his luxuries he will often list down books, DVD’s and also Fast Food. Bill Gates during his numerous interviews is seen to only consume diet colas. For most of the rich and famous people of America, being humble is not even an option. Their wealth is displayed by a fleet of super cars, staff and private jets. Although Bill Gates also has a private jet and a considerable amount of staff to tend to his needs, it is nowhere near to what he could have afforded if he had not decided to give up nearly 20 percent of his wealth to charities and initiatives all around the world.

Bill Gates has also convinced 70 of the richest Americans, including Warren Buffet to donate generously. He has also been trying to rally up the wealthy people of Great Britain to offer their support to the various charities that he is helping.Though Bill Gates has always been known to be polite and courteous, he also has an inscrutable quality of being an outsider. He was known as a geek in Seattle where he was given the job of compiling timetables and other things on the outdated school computers. When he went to Harvard he eventually left the institution and started a multi-billion dollar company, which in turn became Microsoft which became the pioneers of the unchartered world of technology.

One of the few people who truly understood Bill Gates was his arch nemesis Steve Jobs, who was the Founder of Apple. Although Jobs died of cancer in October the two men had a lengthy and stormy relationship which has been recorded and published in the biography of Steve Jobs. However not until recently did Bill Gates open up about the last few years of Steve Jobs’ life.Bill Gates has described Steve as a genius who has contributed greatly to the world of technology. Though he admits that they had been bitter rivals, he also admits that Microsoft had a greater customer base than Apple, until about 5 or 6 years before the death of Steve Jobs during which he made great advances in the MacBooks, Iphones and IPods.

The competitive atmosphere however changed in 2007 when Gates left Microsoft to pursue Philanthropic efforts along with his wife. Gates reports that he paid a visit to Steve Jobs just a few months before he passed away. He has stated to spend many hours with him, during which they reminisced over yesteryears and also talked about what the future had in store. Later when Steve’s condition worsened he also wrote him a letter in which he told Steve about how greatly he felt about his company, and also how proud he was of Steve’s kids whom he had met.

He states that Steve always kept the letter next to his bed in his remaining days. However the letter was not mentioned in his biography which paints a picture of high levels of competition and dislike between the two technology Kingpins. Steve always took this letter as a great honor for him as it is written by perhaps by The Bill Gates.

Source: Telegraph

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