Monday, May 4, 2015

Caught with Saudi Boyfriend in a Car - Experience

Ellah: I just want to ask if I am banned already to any other gulf country since I was in jail for 2 days because I and my Saudi boyfriend were caught inside the car by a mutawa sitting together. My employer fixed everything for me and still working for almost 2 years now. After the incident happened, they took my biometrics in the police station for the finalization of my papers since I wanted to go exit. But my employer said I cannot come back to Saudi Arabia anymore and maybe I cannot work also in any other Arab country. Please I need your response Steve. I just want to be sure of my status whether I can work to any gulf country or not.

He was released one day ahead of me. He is from Saudi Arabia. He went to the police station for biometrics only. We are sent to Malas immediately after they caught us. We did not go to a police station. There in Malas, I was asked for some question by an officer. I supposed to have my vacation 6 months ago from the incident, but suddenly my Kafeel (Sponsor) told me that I cannot go because of what had happened to me in 2013. So they brought my papers to the court (the big court here in Riyadh near mamfuha). I was asked by a mutawa inside the office for some important question like where I was caught, who was the guy, and how many days was staying inside the jail. After that the mutawa said I am going to complete the 1 month in jail and lash of 40. But my employer fixed everything for me. So now I can go exit without the punishment made by that mutawa.

My kafeel told me that I cannot come back to Saudi Arabia and "maybe" I cannot enter to Dubai etc. It’s almost 2 years now since that happened and I am still working here. I am just worried that maybe I cannot work to any gulf country. Please help me to clear my mind.

Steve: I cannot say anything with surety but there is something logical. If you were banned from Saudi Arabia, you should have been deported from Saudi Arabia. What is the purpose of keeping you this time and not letting you enter next time? Second, if they are not banning you from Saudi Arabia, how can they ban you from other GCC Countries?

Ellah: That's what I am thinking too. So I guess my kafel is just threatening me. He said "if you will go exit you cannot come back here so you better stay". Thank you Steve for the time!

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