Monday, May 4, 2015

13 Artistic, Crazy and Unusual Uses of cotton buds

Everyone knows about cotton buds and its uses. And I bet each and every one of you have used cotton buds for cleaning your ears. But if I tell you that the use of cottonbuds is not just restricted to this but there are other crazy uses as well, that would be shocking for you! The crazy uses of cotton buds are mentioned below.

Crazy and unusual Uses of cotton buds
  1. If you use cotton buds with translucent powder while applying mascara on your lashes that will definitely make your lashes and eyes look breath taking! You just need to coat one layer of mascara on your lashes. Dip cottonbud in translucent powder and coat your lashes with it. Again coat a layer of mascara and WOAH! You are ready to go!
  2. If while applying mascara it smudges on your skin then just dip a cotton bud in coconut oil and clear the marks for a clear skin and finished look.
  3. If you want amazing sensational and beautiful eyes, you can just do it with the help of a cotton bud. Dip your cotton bud in Vaseline and rub it around your eyes. This will end up in gorgeous eyes.
  4. Due to its tiny size you can use cotton bud to clean your small, delicate jewelery or even technical stuff

  5. If while working on your laptop or computer, your food pieces gets stuck in your keyboard, simply just dip cotton bud in a cleaner and clean all the keys easily.
  6. When you are washing your clothes in washing machine but still you don’t see them clean and white, this is because of your dirty filter. Clean your filter using cotton bud.
  7. You can even clean vents of your air conditioners using this simple cotton bud. Cotton buds can easily be used on such narrow tiny places.
  8. If dirt accumulates in your hair dryer, you can always clean it using a cotton bud.

  9. If you are going for an important meeting and shit! There is a stain on your shoe! Just dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and rub on the shoe. Tadaa! The mark vanishes and you are all set for your meeting without any worries
  10. While polishing your shoes, you are not able to polish on small surfaces, just use cotton buds for that!
  11. Each and every one of us desire that whatever perfume we use, the fragrance should stay for a long time. For this reason we sprinkle tons of perfume but that surely is a waste. To avoid wasting of perfume just dip cotton bud in perfume and keep it safe in a plastic bag. Whenever needed, just take that cotton bud out and rub it on your wrist. This way you’ll get fragrance and avoid wasting your perfume too
  12. If zip of any of your clothes is not working fine, dip a cotton bud in shampoo or olive oil and apply to it. It will work fine
  13. If you want to heat your food, Dip cotton Bud in spirit and set fire to it and keep it below your dish. You must have seen this method being used in weddings

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