Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Deportation for Sending Sexy Pics from Mobile - Experience

Dar: Hi Steve! I was deported last month due to a cybercrime. I was using a program for chatting new friends. A CID police officer made a fake account, used a girl sexy profile picture and started chatting with me. I thought it was a girl so I chatted with him and sent him my face picture and sexy pictures with my contact number. So he traced my information and called me. He asked me to come to his office. I asked him what is my case but he didn't tell until he put me in jail for 9 days and got deported. Now my question, if I will be ban in GCC or just in Kuwait?

I have sent my face and half body pictures. He sent me a link and asked me to open it. I was thinking that I am talking to a girl. As soon as I opened the link, my mobile got hacked he saved some of my nude pictures in the meantime. I did not know that he is saving my pictures from my mobile. I just restarted it and started using it as before. But data was already transferred. When he called me to the police station, he arrested me and kept me in jail of Mubahas Salmiya for 4 days. He didn’t even tell me about my case. I asked the police officers to allow me to call to my friend or managers at work but they refused.  He was always angry at me. So on my 4th day they transferred me in deportation center in Jleeb to have my finger prints. On that day manager of my company tried to fix my problem he could not help me out because it was too late. So I stayed there for 5 days then I was deported to my home country. I used the site of grindr for chatting. They didn’t do anything bad with me when I was in jail and I didn’t sign any document there.

Steve: I personally think that they cannot ban you from entering to any other GCC country. You are not involved in any criminal activity. It is just a mobile friendship. Moreover, they have trapped you intentionally. Do not worry; you are not banned from entering to any other GCC country Insha Allah!

Ahmed: If you are banned, there should be a stamp on your passport stating the period of ban. If your retina scan was taken while exiting the country then you will not be allowed back in the country, regardless of the ban term on your passport.  As far as I know labour bans are what its mentioned on passport, criminal bans are forever regardless of the stamp on your passport.

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