Sunday, May 17, 2015

Does Karachi really need the tallest building in the world?

Karachi being the jugular vein of Pakistan has grave importance for the country. It has been suffering since the independence of Pakistan due to different reasons. The world knows Karachi for terrorism, target killing, inflation and discipline issues. The true picture of the city is that it has poor educational and health arrangements. Recently Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahyan who is chairman of Abu Dhabi Group, has signed a contract for construction of world’s tallest tower in Karachi. The company will aid Pakistan for 45 million dollars investment in construction and development sector. 35 billion dollars have to be allocated to Sindh and Karachi development.

The project for world’s tallest building in Karachi seems illogical as it may have aimed at attracting majority tourist all around the world. The city has poor education, health and security arrangements and requires basic investments in those areas to facilitate public. In the verge of this deprivation of common public from basic necessities of life, it seems outrageous to construct a tallest tower. Will this tower save people from hunger? Is it going to provide them shelter from target killing and terrorism? Obviously the answer is no.  It is not only today’s story, the lines of such decision of establishment goes back in peak eras of Muslim empires. Mughals were considered most powerful rulers in Sub continent, when they were busy in huge and costly construction; Western countries were striving for betterment in health and education sector. Here come the results of variation between Mughals and West investment as West has widely developed in all aspects especially education and have left Muslim countries behind.

If the construction plan is inspired by world’s tallest Tower BurjKhalifa in Dubai, or 3rdtallest building which is Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel or 2ndtallest building in China. But all these three countries have common features, as they are developed countries and are not deprived of basic needs of life. In case a tallest building has to setup in Karachi, it is necessary to develop other sectors first in order to ensure visits of tourists.

Karachi already has one of the world’s third tallestfountains. This common fact is even not known to majority public in world. Did the presence of world’s third tallest fountain made it possible to attract tourists to visit Karachi? Has it contributed anyhow to improved security and social conditions of city? The answer is simply no!!

There is a need to invest and develop education and health sector of Karachi in order to facilitate people with self-growth and peace of mind. Construction is no doubt essential for advancement of a city or country but without meeting basic needs of citizens it is just useless to waste billion dollars in such contracts. In such cases, the only motive of contractors is to earn commissions and profits instead of development and betterment of public or country.

Source: Dawn News

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