Sunday, May 24, 2015

HAIA arrested the blackmailer with inappropriate pictures of Girls

Blackmailing cases in KSA are increasing day by day. One of the main reasons of these increased cases is the internet misuse across the Kingdom. Young generation interacts over cyber network and later become closer which results in illegal relationships. Some innocent girls share their personal pictures to unknown persons who are not trust worthy, and then they get into trouble. Recently many cases are filed with religious police where young girls and their families complained about blackmailing attempts for the sake of money or illegal terms. Haia (The commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice) has arrested an expatriate from Riyadh who is accused of making an attempt to black mail a lady for some of her private pictures. The accused person (blackmailer) tried to force the lady to keep an illegal physical relationship with him and threatened her for worst consequences in case she does not fulfill his demands. The woman owing to the fear of release of her personal pictures online reported the issue to religious police. On the prompt action taken by police, the accused person was arrested on the identification of victim.

The accused person is an Arab Muslim with a non-Saudi nationality. Later investigations held by Haia revealed that the person is residing in country without any legal visa or diplomatic formalities. He is an illegal resident and now guilty of an attempt to blackmail a Saudi citizen. The girl took stand for herself and reported the case to the police. Otherwise it may have turned her life into an endless pain. The spokesperson of Haia warned the young generation to be careful about use of internet. Before sharing their pictures and personal stuff, they should think first about integrity of their families. A simple mistake may lead to a drastic situation. The accused person arrested by police tried to convince police regarding his innocence. Later he tried to offer bribery of SR 10,000 to police officials for his release.

Investigations are still carried on about his other crimes which he may have done during his stay in Kingdom. Haia has placed a close eye over such illegal activities in Kingdom but a single mistake of youngsters may boost confidence of such filthy persons.

HAIA has dedicated 10 telephone lines to receive complaints of extortion by a specialized unit for combating extortion crimes through number (0114908666) that works seven days a week on morning and afternoon shifts.

Meanwhile, Riyadh Gov. Prince Faisal bin Bandar said extortion is a grave crime perpetrated by some elements, who have no fear of God. He said Islam directs us not to stoop so low. It always urges us to maintain the five principles: religion, soul, dignity, mind and money.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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