Thursday, May 21, 2015

Handicapped man crawls daily to the Masjid from last 65 Years

There are numerous people out there who prove that being a cripple or being handicapped does not hold back a person completely, and if they work hard they can sometimes achieve better results than those who are not handicapped or crippled. One such case has come up in a tiny remote village in Saudi Arabia. In the village you can almost always see an old crippled man crawling to the nearby mosque. This scene has become extremely familiar in the village; however those who had watched the man as a young boy have mostly died as the old man is now 76 years old.

Since he was a very young boy, Abdullah Al Asiri, the crippled man, never ever missed out on his daily prayers and was adamant to read his prayers at the mosque, even though he could not walk. Abdullah Al Asiri had been born in a handicapped condition in family which consisted of 10 members. This included his parents, four sisters and 3 brothers. Al Asiri claims that his brothers, sisters and sisters in law had taken great care of him and had looked after him throughout his life. Al Asiri, who lived in the southern village of Alaziza, crawled from and to the mosque, for all 5 prayer times throughout the day for almost 65 years. He has with his resilience, defied the scorching heat of the desert in the summer months and even the pinching cold weather of the desert in the winters.

Al Asiri’s nephew, Abdul Aziz, who had also stayed with him throughout his life had talked to reporters, and told them about how he had made a short film which was dedicated to his uncle. He had done this to showcase how determined and strong his uncle was despite his age and condition. He claims that he has never seen anyone with as much perseverance as his uncle Abdullah. The nephew Abdul Aziz also claims that the film had been published in the Sabq Arabic Language daily website. The video which had been on the internet for a few months now had already gained 600,000 views.

I do not intend to steal the words of the young nephew Abdul Aziz, but the example of his uncle Al Asiri is a clear one which shows how determination, hard work, self-belief and perseverance can make you overcome any obstacle that life may throw your way. It can be a condition similar to Al Asiri’s condition or some other problem in life or in health, anything and everything can be overcome by belief in yourself and belief in God that he does indeed have a plan for everyone.

We can all take a moment to appreciate the effort this old man has shown throughout his life, and we should be thankful that we are not handicapped in any way. We should also curb our lazy attitude and use what has been provided by God in pristine working conditions i.e. our arms and legs.

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