Saturday, May 2, 2015

Honest Pakistani taxi driver returns bag containing Dh 120,000

“I’m a much happier person with Dh500 that I earned than Dh 120,000 that I didn’t.” This statement is not of a sports car race winner or savior of any child but of a man who proved his honesty and selflessness by returning a bag left in his taxi with Dh120,000 and expensive jewelry. There are so many taxi drivers who find cash and valuables left by passengers in their cars. The passengers may feel panic or are in rush and leave the taxi without taking their valuable along with them. In most cases, taxi drivers feel lucky to have such stuff and don’t show enough honesty to return valuables to owners.

Recently a Pakistani taxi driver in UAE Omar HayahAjmal Khan took a passenger from local area and dropped him at the told destination. After dropping passenger at his destination Rola district of Sharjah, he went at gas station and was surprised to see the briefcase left by passenger in car. For first instance, he was scared of some deadly material in the briefcase later he composed himself to check it. He was shocked to see that the briefcase was full of money and expensive jewelry. According to him, he saw such huge amount of cash for the very first time in life collectively. The cash and jewelry turned him on to a shock. He did not have an idea how to react and what to do to return the valuables to its owner. It was obvious that the owner of briefcase would have got an idea that now he has lost his money and might be encountering a panic situation.

Mr. Khan immediately called his taxi company and informed them that he has left with valuables and is going to police station to inform. After that he went to Al-Qusais Police station and informed police about the situation. The police officer was amazed to see valuables and the way an honest driver was trying to return it to it owner. They asked Mr. Khan to wait for a call from police station when owner will be found as he had to identify the right person.

Just after wait of one hour Mr. Khan was asked from police station to identify the owner. He recognized Hatem Awad Al Anassi who was his passenger during that evening. He was a business man who visited UAE for business tasks and left his briefcase while he was taking a call on his phone. The owner after realizing that he has got deprived of his assets, informed at the nearest police station. The officials called him to recognize the owner of briefcase whom he confirmed in first sight. The owner of briefcase was so excited to get his money and jewelry back and was surprised to hear that the briefcase was handed over to police by the driver himself. He admired honesty of driver and offered Mr. Khan Dh500 for difficulty he faced while returning his money.

The owner mentioned that the taxi driver has a clean soul so that greed could not get over his honesty. In reply of his admiration Mr. Khan mentioned that he is happy with Dh500 instead of DH120,000 which he earned instead of stealing money. Mr. Khan has proved with his honest behavior that self-conscience is the beauty of human beings no matter one is rich or poor, the more he/she is beautiful the more he/she is honest. 

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