Saturday, May 9, 2015

How Saudi Residents are treated in France - Experience

Amina Qureshi Raja: Many young Saudi students may not get the same VIP treatment, everywhere in the World but believe me some places like Paris or Geneva, Saudis are treated like royalties.  Let me share with you, when I leave Jeddah for Paris and I still have my black abaya on (Alhamdulillah) people in Paris almost treat me like "royalty" until I show them my French and American passport , LOL sadly their dream to finally meet a princess is over .

But in Paris for example , where the luxurious industry live thanks to Saudis Clients , it's not rare to see the big guys from 5 star hotels and palaces come personally to greet their clients and the airport and escort them out . Paris is smaller than USA , so in France , and cities like Paris and Cannes, even if in general French people hate Muslims, they love their Saudi / middle eastern clients. The champs élysées could be closed down of the rich Saudis and Emiratis didn't spend their vacation there.

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