Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Indian Worker became mentally retarded after spending 16 Years in Saudi Prison

People from time to time are being used without their knowledge to smuggle drugs. If someone is found with drugs in his belongings abroad, he will directly go to jail, for sure. People spend years in prison in the country where they were arrested. Drug smuggling in Saudi Arabia could include literally anything. Drug laws are strict, it is an offense punished with imprisonment or even death penalty. In the case of illegal drug trade, it is not possible to show that you knew nothing about the drug in your stuff. Every person in prison has his own painful story. A similar tragic story is of an Indian worker, named Sulaiman Kutty who came to Saudi Arabia in 1997 as a worker just like millions of other people who went to other countries for work.

But there came an unfortunate turning point in the life of Sulaiman Kutty when before leaving India, a person asked him to bring a packet of important medicines with him and gave it to the sick person in Saudi Arabia. Sulaiman took the packet as it was a regular routine in India to bring such packets for the other Indian citizens. But he did not know that his helpful act would become terrible for him. On reaching Saudi Arabia, it was revealed that instead of medicines in the packet, he was carrying illegal drugs with him. Sulaiman was taken into the custody by the Saudi custom officials for exporting narcotics and afterward convicted and sentenced for a term of 15 years and a fine of SR 100,000. At that time his age was just 19 years.

Upset Sulaiman Kutty was now 36, knew about the death penalty for drug dealers and smugglers. It was very much clear in his mind that days of his life were few and these thoughts made him a psychotic patient two years later in 1999. There were also other prisoners, some of them were able to learn the Holy Quran, and reduce their punishments. Though, two other Indian prisoners in a drug case named Sheikh Mastan and Hamza got the death penalty and was put to death. After years of attempt to get his freedom from a drug trafficking case, he lost all his hope of liberty and to see his state Kerala in India. He gone into deep disappointment and resulted in mental sickness. Sulaiman was waiting for his death in jail. In 2005, in the rule of King Fahd, the officials took notice of the case of psychiatric patient Sulaiman Kutty. His name was included in a general pardon. His official pardon covered a 50 percent exemption for the fine amount. So his fine was reduced to SR 50,000.

According to Sulaiman Kutty’s brother, “The imprisonment period of 15 years was finished two years ago, but Kutty was in custody because he could not pay the fine. He further said that “we had made contact earlier with the authorities and the Saudi Human Rights Commission to plea for his freedom”. A judge who observing  the case of Sulaiman Kutty affect by his condition when Sulaiman remained silent every time whenever the judge asked any questions related to payment of fine.“The language difficulty might have created a problem, so the judges called for a translator for help,” Mohammed Kutty said. “Sulaiman Kutty hit the interpreter, which was an additional sign of his mental condition.”

The Ministry of Finance is the official body entitled to receive the fine, visited the court and after seeing the condition of the Indian prisoner was in agreed to relinquish the remaining half penalty under the official pardon system of King Abdullah. Saudi authorities, knowing of his condition, awarded him a sympathetic freedom from the Dammam prison. The Indian Embassy provided him urgent travel documents and an Indian businessman gave an Air India ticket to Sulaiman Kutty Yet, just minutes from total freedom as he all set to board a flight late last night for India, it all shattered. According to Sulaiman Kutty’s brother, Mohammed, Sulaiman became aggressive in the row when Mohammed met him at the airport. Sulaiman striked his brother and became irritated with passengers in the queue who were waiting to board the flight.

Airport authorities, held that he could be aggressive while in flight and could be a threat for other passengers, claimed that Sulaiman be go back to the Dammam prison. Sources close to the case said that Sulaiman Kutty was merely 19 years old when he came to Kingdom, but had a passport with an old age that allowed him to travel out of the country. Kutty is 36, Even though according to his passport his age is 45 years old. Now Kutty was sent back to prison, his future was uncertain. The 16 years Sulaiman Kutty survived in the Kingdom spent in prison.

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