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17 Interesting Facts about The Red Sea

The red sea or the Erythraean Sea is an inlet of sea water, from the Indian Ocean. This lies between Africa and Asia. The Red Sea was originally created as a result of shifting of plates in the earth’s crust which occurred 30 million years ago. During this time the Arabian Peninsula drifted away from Africa which was separated through a think break which filled with water from the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea is claimed as a gift of nature by Mother Nature. The land around the Red Sea is one with incomparable beauty and unrivaled wealth in marine life which provides a sharp contrast from the surrounding areas further away from the Red Sea. Here are a few facts about the Red Sea which you might find interesting;

Interest Facts about The Red Sea
  1. A total of 9 countries share the shoreline of the Red Sea.
  2. The Red Sea is called Al Bahr al-Ahmar in the Arabic Language.
  3. The Red Sea connects to the Mediterranean Sea in the north through the Suez Canal.
  4. Through the narrow Strait of Bab al Mandab, it opens into the Indian Ocean in the south.
  5. It was initially formed by a separation in the Asian and African plates.
  6. The length of the Red Sea is 2,250 kms.
  7. The maximum depth of the Red sea is 2,850 meters or 2.85 km deep.
  8. In an average, the width of the Red Sea is 300 km
  9. The Red Sea is home to over 1200 different species of fish, out of which 17 percent of the species are only found in the Red Sea.
  10. 250 various species of corals are also found in the Red Sea. 8 percent of which are only found inside the Red Sea.
  11. The water reaches a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
  12. The minimum temperature that the water body reaches is around 20 degrees Celsius.
  13. The Red Sea is home to at least 25 islands. These include the Islands of Brother, Rocky, Giftun, Tiran, Zabargad, Shedwan and many others.
  14. There are around 17 major shipwrecks which can be found in the Red Sea alone. This is near to the Egyptian border/ shoreline.
  15. A number of mangroves are also present at Ras Mohammad, and as well as all along the coast line of the Red Sea.
  16. The Red Sea is a tropical sea which is the northernmost sea in the world.
  17. There are various reports as to why this body of water is called the Red Sea. Scientists claim that the body of water experiences a huge amount of Blue Algae growth, which releases a unique dye into the water which causes it to become red colored. Some people also believe that the Sea gains it red color by the falling and rising on the sun, which reflects on the body of water to make it seem like it is colored red.
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