Saturday, May 9, 2015

Muslims to outgrow Hindu Population in India by 2035

During the recently conducted National Executive meeting which was held at Kochi, the joint secretary of the Rahtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dattatreya Hosabale has asked the Hindu population of the country to start delivering more babies. This is because a recent report has emerged, which hints that the Muslim population of the country will outgrow the Hindu population by 2035. There have been rumors about this from quite a few years. According to the report the Muslim majority will cause great rioting, terrorism, forced conversions and no birth control, which are also the reasons why their numbers are increasing so rapidly.

Currently, it is reported that the Hindu population in the country makes up for 80 percent for the total population. Muslims make up around 14.2 percent of the total population. It is estimated that the Muslim population will become 92.5 crores or 925 million and the Hindu population will be 90.2 crores only, or 902 million. It is claimed by a number of experts and analysts that there will be a great amount of violence between the two religions and this will cause a great amount of loss to the country and its stability. It is also predicted that religious festivals and rituals will not be able to be conducted by the Hindu people when the Muslim population outnumber them.

The Muslim community is already notorious for their lack of family planning and use of contraceptives in their lives. This has lead people to believe that the population can grow even more so due to this. Some extreme opinions also dictate that Muslim families should not be allowed more than 2 children.The question that arises here is that are the Muslims who are the only community prone to the sharp growth in population? The countries, which have the largest Muslim population, show a contrasting image to this belief. Why is it that it is thought that a man with more than 1 wife is the root cause of the growing population? Statistics show that Hindus are more polygamous than Muslims.

The growth rate of a population depends on the number of children each woman has. If a woman bears 2 children during her life then the 2 children will replace her husband and herself when they pass away. This causes the population to neither decrease nor increase.The likelihood of children surviving till adulthood is already at such a low rate in the country. Furthermore the report that has claimed the outnumbering of Muslims over Hindus is a total fabrication of facts as the estimated population according to the report was 198 crores or 1.98 billion by 2035.

However, numerous studies agree upon the fact that Indian population will peak at only 154 crores or 1.54 billion by 2050.India as a nation cannot progress in inter-religious harmony and the issue of nationality, rather than religion, if such actions are going to be taken by key govt. officials such as Hosabale of the RSS.

Source: Time of India

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