Wednesday, May 27, 2015

North Korean Defense Minister is executed with Anti-Air Craft Missile

South Korean secret agency has told to parliament that North Korean defense minister Hyon Yong-chol has been put to death for the charge of treason. According to the news agency Yonhap, it was told to the members of parliament that Hyon Yong-chul was executed by using an anti-air craft gun on 30th April 2015 in public as thousands spectators were present at the time of execution.The reasons mentioned for the putting to death is disloyalty, disobedience as Mr. Hyon Yong-chul talking back to the young leader and did not carried out the instructions by Kim, and, the most particularly, dozing off at a military event presided over by North Korean leader Kim.  Kim Jong-un passed the death orders of the Defense Minister as he slept during an event which Kim Jong-un was attending.

According to South Korean secret agency the South's National Intelligence Agency (NIS) told to the lawmaker that a higher-ranking army officer was also assassinated. It is also reported in the news that 15 other senior army officials have been executed accused of challenging Kim’s authority. Among these 15 officials 2 were those ministers who refuse to obey Kim and confronted his policies. They were also members of an orchestra. The Analyst told the BBC, that in the past few years, many senior officials had been serving as defense ministers. MR. Hyon was the 4th defense minister in regime of Kim. However the reshuffles of officials were common thing in North Korea but the execution of Mr. Hyon is quite surprising as he was very close to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Mr. Hyon is held as General since 2010. He served on the committee for late leader Kim Jong-il's memorial service in December 2011. It is the sign of his growing authority. He was appointed as defense minister last year. Last month, he went to Moscow to represent North Korea at a neighborhood security meeting. It has been reported in NK News that he appeared for the very last time in state media, only just a day before his alleged execution. The death sentence of a figure that is so much close to Mr. Kim, could give rise to the reason of anxiety about the country's strength. There is the constant risk of instability.They believe it could be a "horrible public execution" by anti-aircraft fire, the way that Mr. Hyonhas been killed.

Mike Madden of North Korea Leadership observer told the BBC that such an open and evil way of execution by anti-aircraft gun would be a sign warning for other people that it is the cost of betrayal. It is totally a show of control and power. The horrible decision making of Kim Jong-un is a clear sign that he is not feeling secure.  Doubts surfaced over the report of the execution of North Koreas defense chief.  There are Intelligence reports that the claims of the South Korean spy agency will yet to be verified. The easiest way to verify is that if they are wrong, the defense minister would appear in public or media again.

Previously, the South Korean secret agency said that Kim was killing one higher-ranking official every week. It all put in to a picture of a leader in Pyongyang who is self-doubting and his insecurity is very dangerous for others.According to South Korean secret agency, since the day Mr. Kim, became the leader of North Korea, has got rid of close officials. One more official who has the authority of North Korea's funds and finances has been executed. Among all these execution the most prominent one is of Chang Song-thaek who was once the country's second-most influential person Kim’s uncle arrested in 2013 from a party meeting, at fault of treason and straight away executed.

It has been reported before that North Korea is using heavy arms in executions, plus machine guns. Last month, a rights group issued satellite picture that showed strange activity on a small arms range at the Kanggon army training area in October 2014. The US-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea said the images showed large guns facing a very close object, a viewing area and many passenger vehicles. It said the "most reasonable clarification" for the picture was a "horrible public execution" by anti-aircraft fire.
Source: BBC

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