Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pakistani family of 6 killed in Saudi traffic accident

A sad incident happened in Riyadh due to carelessness from traffic rules which took many lives. A car accident caused the death of 6 family members at the spot. The family was Pakistani national and was at a holy trip in Kingdom. The road accident smashed the car terrifyingly and consequently family members lost their lives. The family comprised of 3 children, 2 men and one woman. The children aged 2, 6 and 13 were at the back seat of car with their mother. The accident brought sudden death for them and they could not survive even till they reached hospital. The women aged 38, and men were 22 and 44. They all were taken to hospital but it was all in vain. The accident took place on a highway between Riyadh and Taif.

Same year a British national Pakistani family lost their lives. The family members comprised of two men, 3 women and a child. The child was miraculously saved as he was in the arms of his grandfather. While rest of the family died at the spot including a pregnant woman. Another accident caused death of a father and son. They were killed due to smashing of their car into a lorry which was wrongly parked by lorry driver. They died at the spot. Recently another couple died due to smashing two cars at the spot. The couple was immediately transferred to hospital where the surviving woman among the couple took her last breaths. She was given initial paramedics but could not survive. Not only this, there is a list of deadly road accidents where many precious lives were lost due to carelessness of someone.

In another accident a woman and three other got badly injured in a road accident. In Al Harth ten people got injured in a vehicle smashing whereas a student lost his life. The accident happened when students were on a field trip of a farm in a rural area.

Traffic accidents in Kingdom have gone at an alarming stage. There are number of incidents which took place during this year. The traffic rules in KSA have modernized to great extent still the ratio of accidents is not getting down. There is a need to implement a strong tracking and security system on roads of Makkah, Riyadh and Jeddah in order to ensure security of residents.

In such a modernized world those who are responsible for these incidents should be taken in consideration and should be duly punished. It may create a sense of awareness among public. The traffic authorities have taken notice of such crucial accident and new policies have been defined. Still it seems that the resolution of this issue is a challenging task for authorities as number of accidents have not lessen to significant extent.

Source: Gulf News

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