Monday, May 25, 2015

Police was searching for a missing LION in Makkah

Terrifying news was broken regarding stealing of a baby lion. A man Ahmed Bin Sami Almaeni reported at Aziziyah Police station, Makkah that his lion has beenstolen from his office. He bought the lion one month ago from a foreign country and paid huge money for its purchase. Worth SR 40,000 baby lion was kept at his office and later he had intention to send it to his farm. The owner made proper security arrangements and tried to provide maximum safety to lion and public. He installed security cameras to avoid any theft but it happened anyway.

The lion was rare in his creed and was quiet young. The owner purchased it after a wide search and brought it to the Kingdom after a long legal procedure. This type of sudden theft has brought mental and financial pain for him. After his report the police have started its investigation and for initial evidence the owner had provided video camera footage. The first footage taken from security camera reveals that there were four men who attempted the theft. As witnesses three men saw the robbers stealing the young lion. Along with this evidence the security camera footage has also captured the car of robbers, its license plate number and related identifications.

The office of lion’s owner resides in commercial center and the car was parked in its nearby parking. The police have started searching for lion in the light of facts available. It is expected that the lost lion will be recovered soon. This news has spread a wave of anxiety among Makkah residents. They started feeling terrified for such dramatic disappearance of lion and its suspected presence in an open territory.

Owing to the fear of people the owner of lion has further explained that the animal is not powerful enough to hurt anyone. He is just 4 months old and is much weaker as compare to traditional lions in zoo or jungles.

The claws and molars of lion are not fully developed right now and there is no need to be worried about existence of a baby lion outside the cage. This clarification has calmed people down to some extent but still fear is present unless lion is recovered by police officials.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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