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Procedure to get SOCPA Membership in Saudi Arabia

Mr. Javed who is a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan has shared his experience of registering himself with Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). I really admire his efforts to educate his fellow accountants about the procedure. This is perhaps the most comprehensive guide written by any reader on this blog. Thanks a lot Mr. Javed!  Keep in mind that if your profession is Accountant or General Accountant and you are seeking permanent family visa than its 1st step to get registered with Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) prior to making appointment with Istiqdam. Following is step wise guide for registration with Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA);

  1. Eligibility Criteria: You can get membership of Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) only if you have bachelors or higher degrees in accounting as shown in attached eligibility snap page which is displayed. Take your original Bachelors & Masters degree plus transcript with you. You need to have at least 5 accountancy subjects or 15 credit hours of accountancy subjects (usually 3 courses of 5 credits each) to get the membership. If your masters do not meet above requirement, you will have to upload both degrees & transcripts. For diploma Holders, they need to take prior approval of SOCPA before applying the membership. 
  2. Sign up: Open website from your browser and create your account by giving e-mail ID.
    • Once you input E-mail ID, SOCPA will send Password on registered e-mail.
    • Using Password and Email ID login to website and input your personal information. Here you need to upload scan copies of your certificate on whose basis you are seeking membership of SOCPA, Your last result card, Your Previous result card (Transcript of Record), Passport, Iqamma, Name change document if applicable (normally portal do not proceed so you can upload your Passport again or CNIC here) and finally the letter of authorization (this letter is available on information loading page below so print it and sign it and upload it.) 
  3. 1st Payment:  After uploading documents click "save and next" button below and pay SAR 500 for document verification using credit card (Master or Visa only). Here you must remember that it’s the only way to pay SAR 500 ONLY BY CREDIT CARD. You cannot pay it through bank or any other modes so do not waste your time and use only credit card. If you do not have credit card ask your friend to help you as I did.First log in to their data flow website and they will send you password by that you have to log in and upload your documents and when finished with it the very next option is for payment and once you pay they will send u payment confirmation email.. 
  4. Physical visit to SOCPA: After payment of SAR 500 using Credit card you need to visit SOCPA Office which is located in Ministry of Commerce and Trade building area on Al-washam street corner just on King Abdulaziz road, Riyadh. To search SOCPA Building, it is also very difficult and people to dot know SOCPA so remember its Arabic name and also mark of ministry of trade and commerce. SOCPA office is located on 2nd floor inside ministry building so go there and enter 4th room right side.
    • Ask the guy who is dealing membership that you are seeking membership and definitely he will give you eligibility paper on hearing word of registration/membership. Ask him I have completed all the procedure and he will give you a membership form that is only in Arabic but do not worry. It is very simple you can fill it easily
    • After filling form, handover it to that guy and he will ask your Iqama number and check whether you complied all procedure or not. If he is satisfied he will demand copy of certificate, passport, iqama and one passport size photo so keep these with you while visiting the office. Than he will take your online photo to be placed on.
  5. 2nd and last payment: After processing of Step 3, SOCPA guy will ask you to pay another SAR 200 for membership card. You can pay this fee through ATM Card/SPAN. They used to accept this fee in Cash but now it is no more accepted in cash.

  6. Membership Card: After payment, come to membership section and meanwhile your membership card will be ready so collect it and breathe a sigh of relief and go to office work again. 
  7. If you have query regarding this, you can drop an email at and

Requirements of SOCPA for Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
SOCPA requires minimum Bachelor's degree in Accountancy or any other equivalent certificate as acceptable by the competent authorities in charge of equivalency of degrees. This requirement for our qualified members is no more an issue as we have convinced them and the SOCPA is now accepting the CA qualification enough to award the Associate Membership, irrespective whether one holds Bachelor's degree or not. ICAP Finalists are also eligible to get SOCPA membership but keep your experience letters and last passing certificate and result cards with you. Further here is email of ICAP KSA Chapter

Jeddah Office
Mr. Nasser Al-Sudais
Mob# 0503165165
Location: MIZE Building, First Floor
Behind Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, Hail Street

After completing all online requirements For Jeddah SCOPA Office it is located in the Building name “Ministry of Labour" behind the chamber of commerce on 1st Flor. Office is on right side. If office is closed, check the other office name as "japan water" on left side. There is a Bengali guy there, he will take all your documents. His Mobile Number is 0501347643.

Khobar - Dammam office
Mr. Ahmad Bin Mohammed Al-Salem
cell: +966 0530377444
telephone: +966 3 8598019
fax: +966 3 8598193
Location: left from lift, third floor, Chamber of Commerce building at Khobar-Dammam highway adjacent to Abdullah Fuad building before Mercades Benz Showroom.
Timings: 8am to 2 pm

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