Friday, May 8, 2015

Reasons behind Recent Water Shortage in Jeddah

Today, I could not take a bath as water tanks of our compound are running short of water. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might be one of the best places to live on earth, with unmatched development and infrastructure, the Kingdom boasts the best of the best in everything. However one thing which most people living outside of Jeddah might be completely unaware of is that the city of Jeddah is in fact facing a severe water shortage almost every now and then. There are several reasons to the recent water shortage in Jeddah and I have tried to educate my readers about it in this post.

Residents of Jeddah have voiced their concerns about the unavailability of water for and have also voiced their complaints against this ongoing water shortage which has affected some neighborhoods of the city. Residents have demanded that the water shortage should be resolved as soon as possible. Resident of Jeddah, Aidh Abdullah has spoken to the media and stated that some neighborhoods in the city have had very little or no water since the last 42 days. Neighborhoods most affected by this water shortage are Al Ajwad, Al Manar, Al Bawadi, Al Rabwa and Al Samer. These neighborhoods had been promised that they would be receiving running water in their pipes, however when the residents inquired with the water company, they said that they were going through underground repairs and once they would finish everything would be back in order. The residents have said numerous times that repairs had been long overdue and that water is still very scarce in certain areas.

Residents have also complained that the desalinization plants always remain immensely overcrowded with people desperately trying to get their hands on whatever water they can. Residents have added that if they call the water company and ask for water to be delivered to them, then they have to wait for at least 4 days after which the delivery is made. Hence Residents say they are only left with one option and that is to go to the overcrowded desalinization plants and plead for some water. Residents have also said that water shortage got so bad at one time that token numbers were given out by the National water company to the residents of Jeddah and these people would be called whenever their water container is available for them, adding that there were no set number of days for the call to come in.

Sameer Sharbagy, who is the supervisor at the Jeddah Desalinization Plant, stated that the water company currently has more than 1000 water tankers which are being distributed amongst the people as we speak. The supervisor Sharbagy added that the company was distributing the water accordingly, but people still keep ringing the company hotline and showing up at the plant when their number has not been called. The supervisor claims that the water company is doing their best to provide water to everyone who needs it, however he adds that those who do not have water will have to wait until their number is called out or when their turn comes.

It is also heard that many water tanker drivers have stopped working due to some issues with the management. However, Mohammad Al Zahrani, who is the CEO of the National Water Company, stated that the water shortage problem is being dealt with by the Water Company head on. The CEO added that this water shortage would be resolved completely within the next few weeks.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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