Saturday, May 2, 2015

Riyadh: 5th most expensive city in the Middle East

Mercer’s survey has analyzed the most expensive cities in the Middle-East. Among all states and cities, Beirut is the most costly city with highest rents and cost of living. The survey has measured all factors influencing a livelihood in order to evaluate expense of each area. The highest expense to survive have been calculated for Beirut which is ranked as number 61 in world’s largest cities and the most expensive city in Middle-East. Riyadh has been ranked as 5th most expensive city to live in Middle East. The cost of living included in survey for expensive city comprises of food and non-food items, rentals rates, transportations costs, taxation rates, subsidies available and clothing expenses. The survey covered around 214 cities of world including all regions i.e. Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. The most expensive city in Middle East for previous year was Abu Dhabi stood 76th most expensive city of world. Last year the same city was taken as 67th most expensive city which shows that inflation rate has been controlled during such short duration.

Dubai had been ranked as 81st most expensive city last year whereas it has improved its ranking by moving to 94th position this year. Dubai is no matter still one of the most expensive cities of Gulf regions to stay in. It has highest rates for every sector of livelihood like food items, entertainment activities, transportation, non-food and clothing items etc. the improvement in rank of Dubai as 81th most expensive city is due to various reasons like low inflation rate this year, improvement in market recession and progressive in business sector.

Mercer’s survey has declared Tokyo as the most expensive city of the World. Especially for expats and tourist, it is a hot deal to take on. The Japan has been ranked as a country of two most expensive cities in the list of top 5. The first one is Tokyo, the third one is also from Japan i.e. Osaka. The highest expense to reside in for top 5 cities of world reside in European and Asian regions of the world. According to the Mercer’s survey the two most expensive city of world belong to Japan and two most expensive in Middle East are located in UAE. It indicates that the world’s most expensive regions are Japan and UAE. Following are the top 5 most expensive cities, globally

The 5 most expensive city of world according to Mercer’s survey are following

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Luanda, Angola
  3. Osaka, Japan
  4. Moscow, Russia
  5. Geneva, Switzerland

The 5 most expensive city of Middle-Easts according to Mercer’s survey are following;

  1. Beirut, Lebanon
  2. Abu Dhabi, UAE
  3. Dubai, UAE
  4. Amman, Jordan
  5. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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