Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Riyadh is declared first disabled friendly City

Since King Salman has ascended to the throne, it seems as if Saudi Arabia is headed towards an even brighter future. The new King has started initiatives to improve his country and to provide every citizen living in the country in a more hospitable and comforting atmosphere. We recently came across some other beneficial work carried out by King Salman during his time as crown Prince which we though must be shared with our readers and followers.Riyadh has become the first and only city in the Kingdom which could be declared as a disabled-friendly city. The Governor of Riyadh made the announcement on Sunday after he had signed a great many agreements for the accessibility for the disabled. These agreements were signed with the King Salman Center for Disability Research and a number of other government departments.

King Salman addressed the ceremony which has held for this occasion, in which he pointed out the support that the government had provided for charitable and humanitarian activities. He also stated that Saudi Arabia is proud to be called a humanitarian Kingdom and the king at the time was known as the humanitarian king. King Salman also said that Riyadh would become the first city which would provide extensive accessibility for their disabled citizens and the elderly people. He also called upon other relevant government authorities and departments as well as private agencies, to cooperate with the new project.

Prince Sultan bin Salman who was the chairman of the PSCDR, also stated that this disability accessibility initiative program was a turning point for the city and the Kingdom. Additionally stating that this new program is a reflection of the support the government has extended for its people who are disabled. The aim was to make them into productive citizens, he stated.Prince Sultan bin Salman also stated that this program was not only targeted towards the disabled people only, but also offered the development of the environment for all the members of the society in order to reach their homes, mosques, institutions and shopping centers.

Before he signed the agreement, King Salman also received the Arab Pioneers award which was instituted by the President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The PSCDR was awarded this award in the previous year in appreciation for its efforts in research on the disabled people’s matters.Prince Sultan, while speaking about the disabled accessibility program stated that the initiative for the program was taken by King Salman. He also stated that the initial idea for the program came around 4 years ago and the PSCDR developed that idea into an achievable program, so that it could benefit the people with special needs in the Saudi society.

Additionally Prince Sultan said that the center was working with private and government agencies so that implementation of the program can begin. A total of 11 agreements had been signed with 11 different agencies and departments, and Prince Sultan has also stated his desire to sign agreements with all concerned authorities.

Source: Arab News

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