Friday, May 29, 2015

Saudi Arabia wins U.N. Human Rights Council Seat

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has won a seat on the Human Rights Council on Tuesday. This is the United Nations highest rights monitoring body. As reported by an Al Arabiya correspondent at the United Nations China, Russia and Cuba were also elected which has raised speculations that there is a chance of a possible battle over the human right issues to be considered in the future by the council. The United Nations General Assembly had elected 14 seats on the council which would be comprised of 47 members. This is taking on increasing importance in relations to diplomacy due to the civil war going on in Syria and other conflicts around the world.

Peggy Hicks, the advocacy director for Human Rights Watch stated that due to the return of China, Russia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, the human rights defenders ought to have their work cut out for them at the Human Rights Council the following year. She added that the States that are wholly committed to developing their Human Rights will need to increase their efforts on key issues.The majority of the seats had been decided in advance due to the fact that the regional groups had put forward the exact number of the candidates for the seats that were allocated to their specific regions. Only two of the regions were actually contested. For two of the Latin American seats, Cuba won 148 votes by beating over Mexico and Uruguay who received 145 and 139 votes respectively.

Rights groups such as the UN Watch and the HRW strongly condemned China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba being present in the run up to the vote. According to the HRW China, Russia and Algeria all have more than 10 requests, to be visited by the UN rights investigators, each. The deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Gennady Gatilov, stated that the UN election was a good result. He added that the Russians will work harder to ensure greater cooperation and dialogue and also to create a more constructive working environment in the council.

The western nations however avoided any chance of controversy over the records of others; however they gave indications that they would further press the case for immediate action over Syria.The United Nations Ambassadors of France Gerard Araud stated that the French would continue their role so that the Human Rights Council can get involved in the current international crises, most notably in Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo and also the Central African Republic. Russia along with China had vetoed three of the UN Security Council resolutions on the Syria issue. However all of the five permanent Security Council members China, France, Britain, Russia and the United States of America are now part of the rights council which is highlighting the rights council’s increasing importance.

Since the creation of the Human Rights Council, it has included some repressive regimes. Some years back nobody would have even known these elections took place. However the council had been very active, which is an unusual occurrence, during the Arab Spring and has passed several resolutions condemning the Syrian regime, added Richard Gowan, the director of New York University’s Center for International Cooperation.

Source: Aljazeera

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