Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saudi Girl Shot her Father on Head during Family Picnic

Sometime life gives a shocking jerk that we can’t even imagine. The moments of joy and happiness turn into miserable heartrending memories which we want to never recall. Life is all about ambiguities and adventures. The same happened with a Saudi family recently when they were out for a family picnic and everything was pretty fine. The family decided to spend whole day with friends and family in one of the parks of South Onaizah. While the family was having fun one of the family members started playing with a gun lying in surrounding. No one had an idea what is going on in surrounding and how the girl approached the gun. The young girl tried to have fun with weapon and the gun, as reported by akhbaar24, was fully loaded. The girl was not aware of this fact and tried to check the trigger.

Out of the curiosity she pulled the trigger and the results were horrible. The shot directly hit the head of her father who is in his fifties and the shot turned him faint at the spot. It was a moment of great shock for everyone. The family could not get what happened actually for few moments and then the man was taken to the hospital. Though, the family did not delay in delivering patient to Al Qaseem hospital in South Onaizah where doctors provided immediate first aid to victim. The man went in comma right after the bullet hit his head and doctors went him through head surgery. It was his great luck that he could survive even the bullet hit his head as in common cases and medical terminologies head is among few most sensitive organs of body. In case a bullet hits head or heart, a person immediately gets expired in but the man seems lucky in this case. Though still situation is not clear and the man is in comma but doctors are continually supervising his health.

Doctor has not made any statement about his health yet as it may require long time for him to recover but the satisfactory thing is that he is safe.This incident may indicate some misfortune or mistake done by a girl but being Muslims we are taught to be ready for death at any time. Such sad incident reminds us that we human beings are just helpless in front of death. Being crown of humanity we are master piece of God.

It makes us feel proud and sometimes we totally forget about the time when we will return back to Allah. Being delegated by God on earth for reform of Humanity and to bring peace in others’ lives, we should spend our each and every moment while serving humanity. This is the only way to live forever even our deaths.

Source: Emirates 247

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