Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saudi man turns down cheque for saving boy’s life

Essam Ahmad Gashi, a Saudi native, refused to receive cheque of SR 5,000 as a reward for his bravery and courage. He rescued life of a young boy who was drowning in river. The incident happened at Juaimah Beach in RasTanura which is located in an eastern region of KSA. He was enjoying his time with his friends; suddenly he heard voice of a couple shouting and yelling for help. They were feeling helpless as their son went inside the sea with furious waves. It was an incredible situation for everyone and people present in surrounding were unable to rescue the child from deadly waves. The child was playing besides sea shore/ while playing his ball went towards waves but it was not such a steep place that child could got inside the sea.

He tried to get his ball back and while making an attempt went inside the sea shore. It happened within seconds and the parents could not even understand what happened for several moments. In anxiety they started shouting and calling people in their surroundings to help them for saving the life of their child. Essam was in surrounding and being a guard he went inside the sea and tried his best to take the child out. After a difficult struggle he could drag the child out. Not only this, he went hospital with parents and while their way to hospital he also provided first aid to child which kept him away from death risk. After a minor treatment, doctors discharged the child from hospital and the couple happily went home along with their child.

The father of suffered child offered a cheque of SR 5,000 as thankfulness for saving his child’s life. The parents were so obliged and became down to earth for such a big favor of Essam. Despite of deadly struggle for rescuing the child and for placing his own life at stake for child’s life, Essam refused to take reward money. He mentioned that it is the most blissful moment for him that the family has gained stability after such a drastic incident. It could be a worst nightmare of parents, if the child would have lost his life. He further said that despite of my refusal, the father of child asked me to attend ceremony he is arranging to thank him for his effort to save his child. The kind man (Essam) again refused to become guest for honor for any such ceremony as he was happy just for the revival of boy towards his healthy life.

Humanity is the most honorable religion of this world and being Muslims, we are most emphasized people to take care of Allah’s creature and try to keep them happy. Essam is a role model for all such people who are determinant to do something for others. Indeed the best feeling for humans is to see someone happy and settled in life.

Source: Gulf News

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