Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saudis are the most optimistic in the Arab World- Future Orientation Index

KSA has been taken as a conservative state by various western countries among all Middle-East countries as there are a lot of restrictions to be faced by women and expats in regard of their personal freedom. This perception has been challenged by a recent survey of Future Orientation Index. The survey has been performed by two professors of university college of London and Warwick Business School UK. Dr. Suzy Moat and Tobias Preishave conducted a detailed study on optimism of Arabs. After a detailed analysis the outcome stated that Saudi natives are most optimistic and enthusiastic in whole Arab world. Not only this, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ranked at number 12 globally for being most optimistic among whole world.

The rank goes at top in case of Middle-East. United states stand at number 11 for optimism and future orientation of individuals. The study revealed that Germans are most optimistic and future oriented among all individuals in world. They have most goals in their life and contribute for country development on collective thinking. The study ranked Switzerland and Japan at rank 2nd and 3rd in this list. The future orientation index revealed that the countries which have highest internet consultation show highest productivity and enthusiasm levels. The individuals mainly base their decisions and daily matters by taking information from internet hence they have a free source of guideline in each and every matter of life. Internet information has improvement decision making process worldwide which has led to overall improvement in behaviors and determination levels of individuals.

According to Professor Dr. Moat the biggest focus of people for internet use is to gather information for their decisions and related matters. It has impact decision making in all sectors worldwide. People now feel more confident while making decisions with complete information and knowledge. It eventually leads to economic success of country.

The survey has marked colors for distribution of different countries of world according to their motivation and optimism levels. The results have been compiled in two categories with backward looking countries and forward looking countries. The backward looking countries are marked with Red color and forward moving countries were indicated with blue color. The survey ranked KSA as most optimistic country among Middle East countries and this news caught attention of social media.

Saudi on Twitter tweeted about it and took it as favorable for future perspectives. There is a mix of reaction from Saudi native about results of survey as some think that it is just a false perception and is based on wrong facts where as other sector of society has declared it positive for KSA.  The justification which majority of Saudi people gave for this optimism and hope is due to blind trust on God and belief that destiny is in the hands of God and he can turn it according to its will. This strong faith on fate which is set by Allah has proved as foundation for optimism of Saudi natives among all Middle-East countries.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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