Friday, May 29, 2015

SR 190,000 Robbery at Hyper Panda Store – 3 suspects Caught

Often people do some deed which haunts them for the rest of their lives. These deeds or acts can be out of desperation, rage or just boredom, however more often than not, these unlawful acts are caught and the perpetrators caught and sent behind bars. One such case has come to light from right here in Riyadh, where a few men were caught while trying to do something foolish and illegal. It is reported that a total of three men had been arrested in the city of Riyadh, when they carried out an armed robbery of the Panda outlet in the southern part of Riyadh city.

The Riyadh Police have been very successful and swift in catching these robbers. The Riyadh Police have claimed that two of these men were wearing masks and sport suits or track suits, and these two men threatened the 19 year old cashier at the outlet in Fawaz District with their arms and ammunition. The two masked robbers successfully managed to take SAR 190,000 from the cash counter at the outlet at gunpoint. It should be noted that a 54 year old security guard was also present in the outlet however he too was a helpless spectator, as the robbers had advanced machine guns, which the security guard could not tackle.The robbery by the masked men took place at around 3 a.m. last week. The Riyadh Police have chosen not to disclose the nationality of any of the robbers. Once a complaint had been officially registered in the Dirab police station, the police sprung into action and caught the two men directly involved in the crime and one other person who is suspected to be the facilitator for the robbery. These 3 men had reportedly formed a gang of some sort to carry out this robbery.

At this stage the police are unsure whether this is the gang’s first heist and police are conduction thorough investigations to determine truly if this was the gang’s first robbery or were they active before this heist as well. The police are almost certain that such a heist could not have been possible without some inside help from the Panda outlet, and the police are conducting investigations into all the employees at the Panda outlet, and any link they might have with the robbery.

So far the police have been successful in recovering all of the cash which was stolen from the Panda outlet, and also the unlicensed machine guns, which are reported to have been used by the robbers during their heist. The suspects have been in police custody and have since confessed to the crime of looting the Panda outlet in southern Riyadh.

The police will obviously take their time into getting as much information out of them as possible, and even determining whether this heist was the first time for the 3 member gang or have they been doing so before getting caught. In a country with laws as strict as Saudi Arabia, one must wonder what desperation or madness drove them to such heights of insanity.

Source: Arab News

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