Monday, May 4, 2015

10 do's and don'ts of Resignation in Saudi Arabia

Being member of the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia, I will have to admit that we do not follow the etiquettes of resignation. There are several cases reported even in my office when at the time of resignation, people do something which is against them. I mean, I will never appoint them again not for the work they have done during their job but the way they have resigned from the job. Today I am going to explain about the The do's and don'ts of Resignation which you should follow at the time of resigning from your job.

  1. Giving advanced notice: When you want to resign, it is a good practice that you give a notice bit earlier. Let’s suppose give your company about 2 months advanced notice. There are options for you to quit earlier, you can always request for that. We have covered the notice period as per Saudi Labor Law in this link “Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law
  2. Write a resignation letter: It is ideal if the employee submits a formal resignation letter in the company  office even if you said it on phone or on face. You don’t need to write long stories. Just cut short it by informing that you want to leave and the quitting date. You may give many reasons for that you can easily search. The reasons may be good offer somewhere else, relocation, personal issues, moving back to homeland, and many others.

  3. Cleaning your PC: When working in an office you surely have a personal computer where you save your personal files, emails or stuff which is really something very important. When you give notice for your resignation, there are possibilities in some cases that your boss gets angry and shows you the door right there and then; in that case you should be well prepared. Before submitting the letter, clear your computer from all personal files to avoid such situation. Also make sure you have contact details of everyone you want to be in touch with in future.
  4. Don’t pen down the real reason: No matter how much you hate that office, colleagues, your boss or it is better for your career, there might be several reasons for quitting, it is better not to pen it down in your resignation letter showing your hatred. You never know when this might haunt you back or you may regret it later in life. It’s better to be on safe side always as it is kept in your employment file.

  5. Always inquire about the details: When you are leaving you should have all the details about employee benefits and the salary you are entitled to after quitting. You should know about the terms and conditions related to your End of Service Benefits. I would suggest you to read into the “Rights of Expatriates in Saudi Aarbia” as well.
  6. Leave on good terms: Don’t be negative about the company or anything related to it when you are quitting. There is no point in being negative when you are already moving on, leave with good terms and discuss with your co-worker the bright and positive sides of working in that company.
  7. Don’t Brag: Don’t brag about your new job unnecessarily. You won’t wish to hurt your ex co-workers by making them feel bad as they’ll be missing you after you leave and also you are a step ahead of them by having a new good job
  8. Offer to help: Help them if you can during your transition and afterwards as well.
  9. Ask for a reference: There is no harm in asking your boss or colleagues to write a recommendation or reference letter for you that may be on your LinkedIn profile. This will make your CV even better and help you in your future endeavors.
  10. Leave with a goodbye: Take out time and leave everyone with a proper goodbye or farewell message be it via email, message or phone. Do inform them about you moving on to new position, retiring or what you are doing in your life with contact details to stay in touch in future as well.

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