Friday, 15 May 2015

The Riyadh’s Secret Lake

Earlier we went to one of our most favorite spots in the desert which lies just outside Riyadh. The beautiful place has been dubbed the Secret Lake. It is a secret because many people do not even know of this hidden treasure so close to Riyadh, which personally I believe is for the better. Most popular tourist spots and beautiful camping and picnic places have been severely littered. Another instance of a lake in the desert is the Kharrarah Lake which hosts nearly half of the population of Riyadh during weekends. However such is not the case with the Secret Lake.

During an earlier visit to the beautiful desert oasis, in the summers, the lake was still filled with water. The amount of water present in the lake was so great that fish and seaweed were even found in the lake. This green and lush landscape was a beautiful contrast to the harsh desert environment surrounding it. If you look at the area, it is one of the least likely sources for such a body of water.These types of desert lakes are often formed after heavy downpour, normally in the winter time. This is due to the fact that the area surrounding the lake is arid and dry, and all rainwater flows down the dry hills into the valley. From here it goes to the lowest grounds which in turn form seasonal lakes. The area is also reportedly rich in fossils as it was the bottom of the ocean many million years ago.

The best chance of experiencing the area filled with water is after heavy rains. On some days, the water is so great that it seems that it is a year round lake, however as the weather changes, small parts of the lake start to dry up which result in beautiful flower beds.

I would like to inform my readers about this beautiful hidden location because I know my readers are environmentally friendly and responsible beings. I plead with the readers not to litter, when and if they go to the secret lake and take back all the trash that they have brought with themselves. It is best to arrive early to the location and allocate at least two hours for the return journey to Riyadh. This should also be done within daylight hours, as driving in the desert is not possible after dark.

Visitors are advised to visit the area in only SUV’s with 4x4, and equipped with emergency repair kits, like spare tires and tire air filling machines. This is because the roads become very narrow as the lake is approached and in some places, the road is covered with sand, causing normal two wheel drive cars to spin out or crash. The lake starts at the end of the road leading to the desert lake. Cars are usually parked at the end of the road or are taken up the hills to enjoy the view.

The above content was initially published on Blue Abaya

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