Monday, May 18, 2015

Top 5 Richest Indians in the GCC 2017

Middle East is a home of several expats belonging to different Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Among Indians residing in Middle East, many of them have shown remarkable success and earned huge money. The industrial chains of these businessmen got expanded and they are now numbered among richest Indians residing in GCC. The list of top 5 richest Indians residing in the GCC is as follows;

Sunil Vaswani – Chairman Stallion Group -$7.2bn
The wealthiest Indian residing in KSA has an empowered wealth regime with a vast industrialist unit. He owns a property worth of $7.2 billion. Being the richest Indian in Middle East he revealed the secret of his success for trying again and again. He shared with media that he never feared rejection and kept chasing his dreams, and now he is the standing at a high pedestal in society due to his determinant attitude.

FerozAllana – Founder IFFCO Group - $4.5bn
With net worth of $4.5 billion, FerozAllana stands at the position of 2nd richest Indian residing in Middle East. He is running an industrial group named FMCG. He is directly involved in export of Indian product to Middle East and government has availed his expertise in this regard. He has been listed among the persons with high vision and determinant approach which led him towards such successful position.

Dr. Ravi Pillai – Founder RP Group - $3.6bn
The owner of assets with net worth $3.6 billion, Dr. Ravi has been one of those persons of society who did little jobs to pays his school expenses. The owner of industrial group with multi billion dollars operation, Dr. Ravi has acquired this success due to his determination, consistency and hard work. With more than 80,000 employees all over the world, Dr. Ravi has been planning to own a construction project with a Saudi company. He has been awarded by Indian president due to his services for Indians business men and being a role model in Indian business Industry.

BR Shetty – FounderNMC Healthcare - $3.3bn
BR Shetty has become a spot light for media and business lines last year due to taking over exchange giant Travelex. The amalgamation of Travelex with company of BR Shetty and will be listed on Abu Dhabi stock exchange by 2017. The company of Shetty has further plans to work on hospital projects in Qatar and KSA which will further add in estate of BR Shetty and the financial position and ranking may further improve.

Yusuf Ali MA - Managing DirectorLuLu Group International - $3.21bn
The companies group of Yusuf Ali, LuLu group has been running 112 departmental stores in Egypt, Yemen, KSA and Gulf. The company has also made big investments in three major banks of India. The further plans negotiated by LuLu group international are bumper investment in KSA. According to the statistics provided by Deloitte, LuLu group is among biggest retailers of Middle East and are expanding its business to whole global market.
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