Friday, May 1, 2015

Turkish Airline Bans Bright Red Lipstick

Turkish airlines are Turkey’s national airline. Their headquarters are at the Turkish Airlines General management building, which is in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. It was previously known as Turk Air. As of February 2015 they have become the 4th largest airline in the world by providing flights to 261 destinations worldwide. Turkey itself is a very modern country, where fashion is followed very closely. However one would not expect the airline of such a modern country to ban the most common color of nail polish and lipstick that is applied by women all around the world.

Turkish airlines have defended themselves after they banned their flight attendants from putting on brightly colored nail polish and lipstick, such as pink and red. A statement made by the airlines to CNN said that these colors such as red and pink are not suitable for the airlines as they impaired the visual integrity of the uniforms of the Turkish Airlines.The statement also said that it is a general practice that people who work in the service sector remain artless and well groomed with pastel toned make-up. The airlines think that pastel colors give a natural beauty which has an attainable and gentle effect in their communications. Nail polish of the same color range has also been banned by the airlines.

The airlines have refused to comment or respond to the hundreds of questions which have been thrown their way, especially regarding when the ban would be implemented from or what would be the implications of those airhostesses who wear the prohibited shade of makeup.The appearance and the attire of the staff along with the standard of their service is the most crucial part of the airlines brand image and the ban on certain colored make up accessories is similar to ones placed by other airlines around the world.

However not everybody has been happy with the airline’s decision to ban red lipstick and nail polish, as government officials called then ban perverted and some flight attendants are protesting in their own unique ways, some of whom are posting pictures to social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, wearing red lipstick and nail polish. Some Turkish citizens have refused to ever travel on Turkish Airlines again. Some people have also accused the airlines of confusing themselves with school principals rather than an airline administration. Some people predict that soon the airlines will ban high heels, eyeliners and uncovered hair too.

The airlines have been slowly easing in changes to their dress code in recent years, with implementing restrictions and guidelines to the shades and colors of acceptable hair dye and eye make-up. There has been very little support for the airline’s decision, as most people are very liberal in the country, with some stating that this is a basic requirement in most airlines.Dress codes are common in every corporation, with some companies choosing stricter and more formal dress code and some choosing to opt for casual dress code. It is also the companies right to tell their employees what not to wear during business hours as they are representing the company.

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