Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Urdu is 2nd and Arabic is 4th Most Popular Language in the World

Arabic is a great language. It has an elegant calligraphic script and its splendid perspective and enormous vocabulary gives the language an exceptional nature and spirit. A recent research shows that Arabic is the world’s fourth most popular language.  Arabic is also known as the religious language of more than 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world.  Arabic is really esteemed and respected among all over the Muslims because it is the language of Quran. Muslim families in many countries where Arabic is not an official language, start teaching Arabic to their children from childhood, so it will be possible for them to learn and understand the Quran.

King Abdullah International Center for Arabic Language (KAICAL), a center for Arabic language in Riyadh has revealed that in order to rank the major languages in the world, Urdu stands second and Arabic is at fourth position. In reference to a report by KAICAL (King Abdullah International Center for Arabic Language), it has been published that according to a research on linguistics, the most acknowledged language in the world is Chinese, which is major spoken language. However, English language is at the top in terms of the number of countries who have English as their official language or those who speak the language, and the next one is Arabic language.  The statistical study of languages disclosed that even though there are 7,102 languages are there in the world whether spoken or not, but only 286 languages are spoken in European continent. 

Overall languages spoken in Asia are 2,301 such as Chinese, Urdu, Arabic or Russian etc, 2,138 in Africa for example Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swahili, Hausa, 1,313 in the Pacific area such as Talofa lava (Samoan), Kia orana (Cook Islands Maori),Malo e lelei (Tongan),Fakaalofalahiatu (Niuean) and many more and 1,064 languages in the Americas e.g. Mexican Caribbean etc.

As stated in the analysis by Ulrich Ammon, lecturer of lingo at the University of Dusseldorf, that there are 12 major languages that are spoken by almost 23 of the population of the world. Professor Ulrich, who completed his project in 15 years, said that if we categorized the languages by the number of its speakers then Chinese stands at the first slot as 1.39 billion people speak Chinese, Urdu language comes 2nd with 588 million people and the 527 million speakers of English and 467 million people speak Arabic. Spanish is the 5th language that is being spoken by 389 million people and Bengali is the next with 250 million speakers.

Other languages are spoken accordingly Russian (254 million), Portuguese (193 million), German (132 million), Japanese (123 million), French (118 million people) and Italian (67 million); these facts and figures are according to the report published by “The Washington Post.”  English occupies the highest spot in the countries that speak the language, as English is spoken in 101 countries, while Arabic used to be spoken in 60 countries, others are French in 51 countries, Chinese (33 countries), Spanish (31 countries), Persian (29 countries), German (18 countries), Russian (16 countries), Malay (13 countries) and Portuguese is spoken in 12 countries.

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