Tuesday, May 5, 2015

7 Weird and Interesting Uses of Salt

Common salt is commonly used worldwide by mankind for the purpose of taste in our food. If you use it solely for that purpose, you are just too simple and you haven’t explored it much. You are missing out on its amazing, strange, unusual and weird uses which might be shocking for you. We are mentioning it as follows for your interest which will definitely help you in your house hold work.

Weird and Interesting Uses of Salt
  1. Usually when ironing clothes its fairly common that you burn your clothes and the most difficult task is to remove the stains from your iron so that you can continue with ironing your other clothes. But most of the time that stains on the iron surface refuses to just go away. Use salt for it. Yes! You heard it right; you can just remove it using salt. Sprinkle salt over a hard wooden surface and rub your iron surface over it. After sometime you will see the stains disappearing from it. Clean it using a cloth or newspaper. Your fresh iron is ready to use again!
  2. If by mistake egg falls over something leaving a stain. Don’t worry! Sprinkle some salt over it and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rub and clean it using newspaper or any other such material and woahh! It vanishes!

  3. Oh My God I burnt my food! What am I going to do to clean that burnt dish That is just a headache. That must be many of you! But no worries a simple trick can help you get over it. Just dissolve some salt in water and pour that solution in the dish. Rub it using a sponge. All the stains and burnt stuff will leave its place very easily.
  4. If during cleaning of your burnt dish, your sponge is also destroyed, don’t worry at all! Soak that sponge in the salt water solution for the whole night. In the morning you can clean it really easily.

  5. You must have seen really hard stains in your bath tub, giving you tough time to clean them. At least this happened to me and I tried almost everything but no luck. Use the mixture of turpentine oil and salt for cleaning those tough stains in your bath tub and it will give you a look as if its new.
  6. The place from water drains out in your wash basin is usually built up with tough stains and dirt marks. To clean those stains and marks also you can use salt. Just sprinkle some salt over it and pour white vinegar after 15 minutes to see a clean shiny washbasin. If you use warm water to clean it, that would be superb!
  7. For a glowing and ever fresh skin, mix one part salt and one part olive oil to form a mixture and then use it to massage your face and neck properly. Wash it off using soap and water and tadaaa! The glowing skin awaits you.

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