Wednesday, 13 May 2015

World Record of Largest Meal is held by Saudis

This is definitely one for the books. The human imagination is as limitless as our appetite. One should never believe that they’ve seen everything. The Guinness Book of Records recently added the largest known dish in the world, which is a whole stuffed camel. This is not like your ordinary stuffed turkey; however it doesn’t end there, as the camel has been stuffed with two lambs or sheep, which have been previously stuffed with almost 20 chickens which are sometimes stuffed with fish. Can anybody explain to me what they just read?

The dish whose real name is unknown, has originated from the Middle East as a Bedouin traditional dish. The dish has been given the title of ‘camel Turducken’ and it is usually the choice of food in events such as weddings and parties in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region. For those of you who do not know, the word Turducken refers to a Turkey which is stuffed with a duck, which has been already stuffed with a chicken. Most Americans would consider this a full course meal, but not this crowd.Obviously this delicacy is not something which can be prepared and cooked in even a few hours. This amount of meat has to be first boiled and then roasted over hot burning charcoal until the meat of the camel has become juicy and crisp. Now many of you may ask, where did they boil a whole camel, and truly I am sure none of us want to know. However this whole dish takes more than 24 hours of constant preparation. Honestly I would have thought maybe a week, but I guess I was wrong. The whole mountain of meat is served on an immensely huge silver platter, which obviously must have been carried by at least 5 or 6 men.

The guest are then allowed to dig in the meat with whatever utensils they can get their hands on, and speaking of hands most guests usually skip the utensil and go for it with their hands. In the end, nothing but bones and over eating regrets are left amidst the guests.

According to a myth busting website by the name of Snopes, this recipe to make a camel Turducken can originally be found in a cook book titled International Cuisine and is listed under being a dish of Saudi Arabian origin. So if you ever want to totally blow the minds of your 80 guests or above, this recipe book will give you the complete guideline and all necessary ingredients and instructions which will help you achieve your goal of completing this monumental task.

Snopes also gives the reference of Richard Sterling’s book which was titled The Fearless Diner. In the book he describes the meetings he had with Sven Krause, who was an executive chef who was working at a high-class restaurant located in Bangkok. Sven Krause has given the details of his encounter in great lengths, when he got the chance to actually cook and serve the meal while working in the Kingdom.

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