Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You will be shocked to know how much money these illegal businesses are Making

Illegal businesses are considered afastest way to earn huge money in shorter time span. People, who want a shortcut to become a billionaire over nights, choose to adopt various illegal ways to earn huge profits with little effort. Some of the illegal businesses are running at peak as they offer huge profits for businessmen. The purpose of writing this post is not to promote these illegal businesses but to let our readers aware about this trade. The list is as follows;

Human Trade - Average Profit annually: $31.6 billion: Human kidnapping or trade is very common all over the world especially from backward regions. Boys are taken for camel race or to be kept as free house maids and girls are normally used as sexual slaves. India, Colombia and China have highest ratio for human trafficking.
Black money from Gold: Average Profit annually: $2.3 billion: The Gold market is one of the biggest markets of the world due to its peak demand. The black market of Gold is most prevalent in world where traders are dealing in Gold without authorized licenses and authorizations from related authorities.

Timber: Average Profit annually:  $15 billion: Timber is wooden gold in corporate sector. It is used in manufacturing all kind of stuff for houses, offices and work places. Around 30 % of timber global market is dealing in illegal terms. Brazil and Peru are among top counties where illegal timber sales are made to entire world. 
Illegal Wildlife Trade - Average Profit annually: $10 billion: Wild life is a precious trading item for manufacturing of various medicines, furniture and costly dresses. Especially skin of tiger is in great demand. Illegal wild life trade is widely witnessed in Jungles of Africa.

Illicit Drugs - Average Profit annually: $300 billion: The most deadly and prevalent illegal business in world is trade of illicit drug which are severely harmful for human health. These traders make money by developing addiction of consumers. The major supply of illicit drugs like Heroin and Cocaine is continued from Afghanistan, Colombia and Peru.
Illegal Organ Trade: Average Profit annually: $1 billion: Kidney export is very common from India, China and Africa. People from developed countries like USA and Europe deal in precious human organs and earn huge profits.

Black Arms Trade - Average Profit annually:$1 billion: Countries all over the world deal in weapons in order to strengthen defense ministry of respective country. Russia and Austria are major exporters of these black arms. Commonly traded weapons are grenade launchers and AK47.
Blood Diamonds - Average Profit annually: $900 million: Precious stones are also source of huge profits like Gold. They are illegally imported from Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Angola and the major purchaser are USA AND UAE.

Unregistered Oil Trade - Average Profit annually: $10.8 billion: Illegal trade of oil from Iran and Iraq is very common in world most profitable illegal businesses. It is carried on for financial benefits or for political reasons like rebellion etc.

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